210, 2015

North Shore Oahu Surf Contest Calendar

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North Shore Oahu Surf Contest Calendar
The North Shore of Oahu is the world’s mecca when it comes to surfing contest, so it’s strange that as of this blog writing there is no set calendar.  The North Shore of Oahu host the Triple Crown of Surfing, which includes the Pipe Master’s.  The North Shore is also home to the Quick Silver in Memory of Eddie Aikau.  The reason is that the Park Department in City and County of Honolulu decides which organizations get to run contest during the winter surf season on the North Shore of Oahu. This process of deciding who gets to the contest is hotly contested and frequently ends up in court.  A solution would be to issue multi year North Shore Oahu surf contest calendars so that athletes, sponsors, visitors and community members can better plan for it.  Another problem with this last minute issuing of the annual North Shore Oahu Surf Contest Calendar is that women surfers get less then 10% of the surf contest time. This lack of gender equality is a real problem for the development of surfing.  It’s also very unfair to the professional women surfers in the world.  Mostly it hurts Hawaii’s […]

3108, 2015

Hurricane Alley generating Amazing Surf on Oahu

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Hurricane Alley generating Amazing Surf on Oahu
As I write there are three active category 4 hurricanes literally surrounding the Hawaiian Islands.  This is a bit scary, but Hurricane Alley is generating amazing surf on the North Shore!  Due to hotter and hotter waters in the Pacific Ocean these hurricanes keep coming.  Lucky for Hawaii water temperatures maps around the islands show slightly cooler waters then on either side of us.  This phenomenon appears to be pulling the hurricanes away  from our tiny island chain and at the same time sending us awesome surf.

1808, 2015

Summer of Surf on Oahu’s North Shore!

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I’ve been waiting for the surf on the North Shore to break all Summer long ever since my first Winter surfing out here.  This was the Summer of Surf on the North Shore of Oahu for sure.  We’ve had waves everyday!  Now as we head into Labor Day, the traditional end of Summer it’s still cranking.  The next big event will be the first swell of the Winter Surfing Season.  On a side note very happy that last Summer’s coral bleaching “event”  has not repeated it’s self.  Next blog I will comment on the trade winds or lack of.

1907, 2015

How to Paddle a Surf Board Correctly

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Paddling a surf board correctly is one of the most fundamental aspects of learning to surf.  Your surf instructor can push you into waves for days and even tow you back out,  giving you an excellent surfing experience, leaning to paddle the board yourself is key to becoming a real surfer.  There are two paddling strokes, the butterfly and the crawl, both are swimming terms used to help a surfing student visualize how to paddle a surf board.  The trick is to get the surf board gliding on the water by not creating drag at the end of the stroke or paddle.  This is achieved by taking the arm fully out of the water as you move it as far towards the front of the surf board for your next stroke.

106, 2015

Places to stay on the North Shore when Learning to Surf with the North Shore Surf Girls.

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Most of our students stay off the North Shore, but wished they had stayed on the North Shore of Oahu instead.  So we compliled this list of links to places to stay.

http://www.turtlebayresort.com/ – Hotel

http://www.turtlebay-rentals.com/ – Privately owned condos on above
hotel’s golf course.

– Privately owned homes, mostly high end beach front.

https://www.airbnb.com/ similar to vrbo.com but less high end.

http://backpackershawaii.com/ – kind of like a youth hostle, best
prices, fills up fast.

1805, 2015

Living the Dream Surfing on the North Shore of Oahu!

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Life on the North Shore is amazing, surfing almost everyday, beautiful views, amazing sunsets and friends that last a lifetime. It’s awesome!

3004, 2015

Summer Surf Camps on the North Shore of Oahu for Children

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The North Shore Surf Girls surf school offers a weekly surf camp for children ages 10 -17 on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursday Friday. It’s a 2 hour daily surfing lesson with other children. Your child will learn how to safely enter and exit the water, how to control there surf board and how to catch waves among many other things. For more information on our Summer Surf Camps for kids call us at 808-637-2977.

1204, 2015

Hawaiian Champion Surfer, Carissa Moore Wins for 3rd Time Rip Curl Women’s Pro Bells Beach

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BELLS BEACH, Victoria/Australia (Friday, April 10, 2015) – Carissa Moore (HAW) has won the Rip Curl Women’s Pro Bells Beach after battling Stephanie Gilmore (AUS) in the Final for the right to ring the Bell. Victory for the two-time world champion today sees her take three consecutive Rip Curl Pro Bells Beach titles and become the first female surfer in Championship Tour (CT) history to achieve this feat. Moore defeated Tyler Wright (AUS) in both 2013 and 2014 for her prior wins.
Moore and Gilmore have previously had 20 CT heats together, with 10 wins apiece until Moore took the edge today following their 21st match-up. Most recently the pair faced off in the Final at Snapper Rocks, where Moore took victory and claimed the first CT win of 2015.
“It’s such an honor, I love coming down here and it’s such a magical place,” Moore said. “It’s just been such a beautiful experience and I feel super blessed. It’s challenging not only to regroup after a win, but you’re also competing against the best in the world so you really have to be in tip top shape.”
This win is Moore’s third CT victory in a row after triumphing in Maui last season […]

404, 2015

Haleiwa Named Coolest Outdoor Town in America

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Haleiwa Town on the North Shore of Oahu used to be a sleepy little plantation town frequented mostly by surfers and field workers.  Those of us who have lived here for ever know that we are “living the dream”.  With it’s near perfect weather and location just off the beautiful pacific ocean it’s a surfer’s , diver’s and ocean lover’s dream come true.


3103, 2015

Keala Kennelly Win’s Women’s Pipeline Pro Surfing Contest Sponsored by Surf N Sea

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Surfing’s Keala Kennelly, 36, drew upon every ounce of her Pipeline and competitive experience today to win the Surf N Sea Pipeline Women’s Pro, presented by Brazilian Show Room. A seasoned professional and big wave specialist who has been ranked as high as #2 in the world, Kennelly was unstoppable in waves that ranged from clean 4- to 6-foot barrels in the morning, to hefty double-overhead, wind-blown beach break conditions in the final. The Surf N Sea Pipeline Women’s Pro is a QS1,000 event sanctioned by the World Surf League, and is run in conjunction with the Pipe Pro Junior Men’s event.Runner-up to Kennelly was North Shore’s rising star Honolua Blomfield (Haleiwa); third place was former touring professional Melanie Bartels (Waianae); fourth was Moana Jones (Haleiwa) – the youngest of the finalists at just 15 years of age who was impressive in the solid surf on hand.
From the outset of the 35-minute final, Kennelly took a totally different approach to the other finalists, heading further west towards gnarly waves at Off-The-Wall. It was there that she scored some of the biggest rides of the day, opting for high-risk vertical turns and critical close-out maneuvers that shot her to an early […]