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2612, 2009

North Shore Christmas Gives Surf Biggest of Season

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The Surf on North Shore December 25th, Christmas Day had a special gift for surfers and spectators alike, a solid 25 ft swell Hawaiian style. Even the back of Anahulu Stream had one foot waves breaking in front of the 3rd bridge, not sure how the traveled the mile from the ocean up the meandering stream but they did. I have a camera bag to prove it. Chocolates a rarely breaking wave fronting Surf and Sea was a solid 3 ft and filled with surfing lessons.  People  where towing in on the outside reefs and the sand was returned to Sunset Beach that had washed away durning the last big swell.

1812, 2009

North Shore's Best, Biggest & Baddest Surfing Contest Goes Off!

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In the past in order to get a prime viewing spot to watch a surfing contest on the North Shore one would have to be very connected now with the advent of live web casting it’s all about having a high speed connection. So when the Eddie Aikau was called on Tuesday December 8th, I just tuned into the web-cast – surfing the internet was never like this. Below is a highlights video that you will enjoy. As for me I did not want to miss the action in person, so after taking care of business for the day I jumped on my beach cruzer and peddled from Haleiwa Town to Waimea Bay. When I arrived I stood near the front of the judges scaffolding texting my girls, when I heard someone call my name! It was Michele Judy, she was watching from the third level of the judges scaffolding, thanks to helping Jenn Marr serve food to the judges! She signaled for me to come to the back of the tower and got me into one of the best views in the house!

I got to watch the two last and biggest heats of the day! Stoked!  […]

1112, 2009

Biggest Surf in 10 years on the North Shore, Oahu Hawaii

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It’s been a long, long time since I’ve seen surf like this past week on the North Shore. The last time in 1998 it was too big for the Eddie Aikau, this time it was just right – “a solid 35 ft.” to quote Sol Aikau. BTW – Waimea Bay at this size is not a good time to learn to surf.  In the days leading up to this giant swell all of Hawaii was on high alert – predictions of a double swell as big as the one that devastated the North Shore community in 1969 had everyone nervous and excited.  So early Monday morning I awoke and checked to see how the boats where handling the swell in Haleiwa Harbor.  Fortunately they where not rocking too hard and no waves had rolled over Kamehameha Hwy. fronting Surf and Sea.  All’s well so far, so I loaded Mom and Michele one of my North Shore Surf Girls and we drove on a recon mission up to Sunset Beach to pick up Jenn Marr ( a famous unknown) to give her a ride back to Honolulu, she was supposed to help Squidy cook for the Eddie but it was […]

212, 2009

How to prepare for a Surfing Lesson in Hawaii

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The North Shore Surf Girls Surf School wants to share with you some basic tips for getting ready for your first surf lesson:

1. Place a strip of tape on the floor and practice jumping up from a laying down position so that both your feet land sideways on the strip. Don’t worry which foot comes in front – you will learn if you are a goofy foot (leading with your right foot) or a regular foot (leading with your left foot.

2. Lift weights to strengthen your arms and do sit ups to improve your core strength. This will help with paddling the surfboard during your surfing lesson.

3. Apply sunscreen at least 20 minutes before going in the water for your surf lesson.