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2609, 2010

What Does Keep the Country, Country Mean?Really

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When you come to the island of Oahu and drive on the roads you will see green bumper stickers on people’s cars that say “Keep the Country, Country!” What does Keep the Country, Country really mean? Is it a patriotic statement to support the United States?  No, what it means in short is Keep the North Shore of Oahu green and protected from a proliferation of hotels and cement.  The North Shore is the recreational back yard for all of the residents of Oahu.  Every week end our beach parks, particularly in Haleiwa are filled with local families from around the island. The North Shore is also the surfing capital of the world.  Each Winter thousands of surfers travel here to test themselves in the Mecca of surfing.  Virtually all of these surfers love the aina (land) and for them Keeping the Country, Country means no more hotels and no more of  paving over paradise! So now when you come to the North Shore to learn to surf you know what all those green stickers really mean.

2109, 2010

First Surf of the Season on the North Shore

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The past few days of surfing on the North Shore has been awesome! It’s looking like an early Winter for sure.  Today, yesterday and the day before we moved our surfing lessons to Puaena Point, because it was to big for Chun’s Reef.  We love teaching surfing at Puaena Point because the wave is longer then Chun’s Reef and there is no traffic. There is also a bathroom and showers at Puena Point, unlike Chun’s Reef which only has a portable toilet.

1609, 2010

Learning to Surf on the North Shore is Very Safe in the Winter Months

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When people think of the North Shore they think of gigantic waves only for professional surfers. The truth is that there are many good surfing waves for beginners and intermediate surfers, you only need to know where.  For example the North Shore Surf Girls give lessons during the Winter surf season at a place known as Puaena Point.  The wave located on the far right side of Waialua Bay just outside of Haleiwa town is perfect for first time surfers.  If you know where to enter the water and how the currents flow you can surf there pretty much everyday during the Winter surf season on the North Shore of Oahu.