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2111, 2013

North Shore Musings

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It’s the beginning of the the 3rd week in November and the surf on North Shore is super glassy and incredibly small. The Van’s Triple Crown of Surfing is on hold, with everyone praying for anything besides dead flat. The surfer boys and girls are all going stir crazy too. New surf contest towers go up and surfing lessons go down, and to top it all off the State of Hawaii is closing off a public park out of spite. Say goodbye to Laniakea, the best North Swell surf spot in Hawaii.

611, 2013

North Shore Surf Insturctor Montgomery "Buttons" Ernest Thomas Kaluhiokalani's Majic Feet and Ready Smile will be missed.

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(March 30, 1959 – November 2, 2013)
North Shore Surf Instructor Montgomery “Buttons” Kaluhiokalani’s had magic feet and a ready smile. Buttons a true Hawaiian surfing legend invented a surfing style that influenced generations of surfers sadly left us on November 2, 2013, losing a hard fought battle with cancer. Button’s was a true master on a surfboard, the kind that are born not made. Always wearing a huge smile, most likely permanently planted on his face from the joy of all the insane waves he’s ridden in his life, Button’s loved everyone he knew. Humble too was his way, just smiling even more when someone gave him props for his surfing, which did all the talking anyway. The last years of his life he spent at the beach, mostly Chun’s and Puaena Point teaching tourist and VIP’s to surf. It was fun to work/play with him in the water, his line “You be the boss of the board” always made his students stand up. His volunteering of his expertise teaching special needs children to surf with Mauli Ola Foundation and others will ensure that his love will live on forever.  Buttons you will be missed by all us North Shore […]