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2101, 2018

Haleiwa Surf Lessons

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Haleiwa surf lessons are the best because Haleiwa is the surfing capital of the world.  Your surf instructors are world class and have grown up surfing daily in the best waves in the world.

2001, 2018

Paying it Forward

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Paying it for forward always makes my day a little better.  Just yesterday while I was checking my mail at the Haleiwa Post Office a fellow mail checker commented on how he needed a pair of readers and how where he came from they only cost a $1 and how he was trying to get his life together.  Knowing how difficult it is to too function without readers when you need them, I gave him my pair ( I have at least 4 more pairs at home) and asked him to pay it forward.  My reward the knowledge that not only did I make his day a little better but the too would do the same for others… Paying it forward works!


1901, 2018

Best Sunscreen for Surfing Lessons

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Using the best sunscreen for surfing lessons is very helpful.  Step one purchase a sunscreen product that is reef safe and contains no oxybenzone, butylparaben, octinoxate or 4-methylbenzylidene camphor.  Step two apply sunscreen at least 30 minutes  before entering the water.  Step three apply it especially to the face, back of hands, ears, back of legs and any other place exposed to the sun.  North Shore Surf Girls surf lessons include the use of a long sleeve rashguard so you don’t need to apply sunscreen to your back or arms etc…

1801, 2018

Top 4 Things to Do on the North Shore of Oahu

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The top 4 things to do on the North Shore of Oahu include:

Surfing lessons at Puaena Point

2. Paddle boarding up the Anahulu River safe with no waves or currents ( we offer both rentals and lessons daily)

3. Visit Waimea Falls Park, it host one of the top 8 botanical collections in the world. ( admission is $15 per person and it closes at 4:00 PM)

4.  Drive out to Kaena Point, it’s about a 15 minute drive from Haleiwa and there’s tons of empty beaches,  no traffic and it’s beautiful.  (Warning!  There are no lifeguards and the water can be treacherous)


1701, 2018

Congratulations to Professional Surfer Jamie OBrian

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Congratulations to Professional Surfer Jamie OBrian for Winning the Backdoor Shootout

We are so proud of Jamie O’brien for winning this year’s Backdoor Shootout Surfing Contest on Oahu’s North Shore. Jamie’s an original North Shore surfer who grew up on the beach at Pipeline.  He’s not a typical contest surfer in that he only competes at the Banzai Pipeline.

1601, 2018

The Importance of Eliminating Single Use Plastics on the Ocean for Surfers

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Every day I’m in the water teaching surfing lessons I see plastic floating in the ocean.  I always pick it up and stow in my wetsuit.  Sadly this increase problem of plastics in the world’s oceans continues to increase daily.   Eliminating single use plastics is one of the most important environmental issues we are facing.

1501, 2018

How to Cross Step on a Longboard

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How to Cross Step on a Longboard is one of the first tricks you can learn while surfing on a long board surfboard.  The secret is to push back on the board with your front foot as you quickly stepforward  with back foot and then bring your other foot back in front so as to uncross your legs very quickly.  To begin with step the back foot forward and then quickly pull in back. Sort of like a half step.

1401, 2018

For the Love of Surfing

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For the love of surfing keeps me sane.  The love of feeling the ocean caress my body and soul as I paddle out.  The kiss of the salt spay on my face brings a smile to me.  For the love of surfing I wake before dawn each day to check the surf. For the love of surfing I try to have a daily yoga practice.  For the love of surfing I’m a happy soul living a small life.  Virtually everything I do is for the love of surfing.