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1202, 2013

Which is the Best Surf School on the North Shore of Oahu?

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From time to time a potential surf student asks the North Shore Surf Girls Surf School what backs us better then other surf schools on the North Shore of Oahu? My response is that we don’t know, because we have never taken a surfing lesson from one of the other surf schools on the North Shore. We can tell them that with our surf school we focus on the individual needs of our surf students. For example some people are more athletic then others and may learn to surf very quickly, other people need more hands on surfing instruction. Young children also need to have more attention to keep them safe while learning to surf. One question to ask when deciding which surf school to learn from is “are they licensed and do they have insurance?”. Only a few surf schools on the North Shore are actually licensed and insured. Happy surfing!

2004, 2010

North Shore Soap Factory Pipeline Women's Pro Surfing Contest Winners

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Congratulations to North Shore Surf girl Anastasia Ashley for winning the women’s surfing and to Brazilian Karla Costa-Taylor for winning the women’s bodyboarding divisions of the 21st Annual North Shore Soap Factory Pipeline Women’s Pro in Memory of Josie Over. A big mahalo to event director, Betty Depolito for organizing it too!

Photo Bernie Baker

It’s great to see the women surfers from around the world given the opportunity to compete at the world’s most prestigious surfing competition venue. What’s not so great is seeing the only women’s contest held at Pipeline awarded dates at the end of the winter, when the waves are small and marginal. Most people don’t understand or even want to know about the “politics” of surfing contest on the North Shore, but it would be helpful to the cause of gender equality if some sun was shined on it. Each Spring the City and County sends permit applications to all the event directors from the previous season inviting them to fill our an application for a contest. The application includes questions like does this event provide opportunities for females and what kind of community services does the event preform. Although there is […]