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2507, 2012

Surfing Lessons on the North Shore of Oahu – Commercial

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Every wonder what a surfing lessons on Oahu’s North Shore with the North Shore Surf Girls is like? Watch the short video below and find out. It’s all about fun in the sun, sand and surf in Hawaii!

1005, 2012

Surfing Lessons with Geen Sea Turtles May Soon Be a thing of the Past for Oahu Visitors and Locals alike.

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It’s no secret that the North Shore is teaming with green sea turtles… We see them at virtually every surfing lesson that we give. Weighing up to 700lbs and living as long as 80 years, they are gentle beautiful creatures that have graced the oceans for as long as 150 million years.  With rare exceptions surfers don’t chase them, feed them or harass them in any way. The result is that surfers and turtles  live in harmony in the surf and on the beautiful beaches of the North Shore and around the island of Oahu even including Waikiki.
When giving a surfing lesson, I often joke with my students that I have TADD, or Turtle Attention Deficit Disorder, because when ever I see a turtle I’m compelled to say “hi” as he or she pops it’s head up for a breath of air in the surf. One day we even rescued a little one that had fishing line wrapped all around it’s neck and flippers. Saving that young turtles long life was a beautiful moment for me and my friend, Christi.

It was not always that way back in In 1973, biologist researching the Hawaiian green sea […]

1903, 2012

Congratulations to the Winners of the SeaHawaii Womens Pro Pipeline Surfing Contest on the North Shore of Oahu…

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Congratulations to the winners of the SeaHawaii Womens Pro Pipeline surfing contest which finished up on March 15th on the North Shore of Oahu.  Over 160 women from around the world entered the 4 divisions of surfing, longboarding and bodyboarding.  Bianca Valentin Sr. women’s Champion,  Alisha Gonsalves Jr. Women’s Champion, Melanie Bartels Longboard Champion & Karla Costa Bodyboarding women’s champion.

Hawaiian Champion & Pro Surfergirl, Melanie Bartels competing on the North Shore of Oahu.

1910, 2011

Family Activities on the North Shore of Oahu – Surfing Lessons and So Much More.

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Of course learning to surf on the North Shore of Oahu is one of the best family activities you will do while in Hawaii. It’s a great opportunity for parents and children to enjoy the same sport and will create memories that will last a lifetime.  There are also other family activities you can enjoy while on the North Shore other then surfing lessons.  Kayaking, stand-up paddle boarding, shark cage tours, visiting the Polynesia Cultural Center and Waimea Falls Park, sports fishing, snorkeling (in the Summer only) and sea shell hunting.

1805, 2011

Surfing Lessons & Other Things to do in the Summer on the North Shore of Oahu

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Summer time is almost here and the North Shore of Oahu’s famous huge waves are going to sleep as the Winter moves to the Southern hemisphere.  Not to worry though the North Shore is blessed with trade winds that generate a wind swell that provides beginner surf students with the perfect size waves to learn to surf in.  (Note in the Winter when it’s big we teach surfing lessons in a cove protected from the larger surf).  While a surf lesson is a must do on the North Shore, there are many other fun activities to enjoy  as well.  For starters there are miles of beautiful white sandy beaches to explore which in the Summer are perfect for snorkeling, sea shell collecting and turtle viewing. Feel free to ask one of your surf instructors after your surf lesson for suggestions and directions to some of our secret off the beaten path beaches.

For the  more adventuress type you can go on a shark tour , deep sea fishing or take a sunset cruise all out of Haleiwa Harbor. The Harbor is located on the North-East End of the town and is easy too find.  If your  super brave  or just wanting […]

3003, 2011

Jimmy Blears 1948 — 2011 North Shore Lifeguard, World Champion Surfer & Friend to All Who Knew Him

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The world surfing community suffered a loss in February when we learned of the passing of former world champion James “Jimmy” Blears. Jimmy was best known on the North Shore for his 25 plus years of service as a City & County lifeguard at Sunset Beach Tower 25. It was in the waters at Sunset where Blears saved the lives of several hundred tourists, military and locals from its treacherous currents. In 1972 Jimmy won the World Surfing Championships held in San Diego, California, making him one of five world champion surfers to represent Hawaii. (Fred Hemmings, Derek Ho, Sunny Garcia and Andy Irons are the other four.)

Jimmy was born in 1948 in Los Angeles and moved to Waikiki in 1950. He was raised on the waterfront near what s near the Duke statue and surfboard racks. His family occupied the upstairs of the Steiner building and spent all their free time surfing and diving in this idyllic setting. Jimmy’s father, the legendary “Tally Ho” Lord James Blears had Jimmy and his mother Lee tandem surfing in front of their house when Jimmy was still in diapers. He attended Washington Elementary School in Waikiki and later Punahou, graduating in 1967. […]

2501, 2011

Surfing Lesson Video with the North Shore Surf Girls Teaching Megan to Surf

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The North Shore Girls had the best time teaching Meghan to surf on the North Shore of Oahu.

Film made by Shred Betties

1801, 2011

Surfing Pipeline on the North Shore of Oahu – Why Does Anyone Ever Stop?

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I first paddled out at Pipeline on the North Shore of Oahu in the Winter of 1984 and surfed it almost every day it broke for years and years.  I love the’s a super powerful wave, and beautiful beyond comparison.  Surfing Pipe  is  like playing in the very heart of the ocean.  Fast forward to 2011 and a great surf I had there just three days ago, my first for this Winter and one of only 10 times I’ve paddled out to Pipe in the past 3-years.  What happened, why did I stop riding my favorite wave?  Why does anyone stop riding her?  The thrill is still there, though the people have changed – most of them anyway.  We all get older, our lungs won’t let us paddle as fast or hold our breath as long as we get nailed by huge waves…But, that’s not why we stop or slow down our Pipeline addiction.  It’s more of a changing of the guard kind of like – I had my time and now it’s time to make room for the next generation.  Just imagine if no one ever stopped surfing Pipeline, we would have about 5,000 people in the water. […]

2011, 2010

Life on the North Shore is as close to perfect as it gets!

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Being grateful for this beautiful corner of the world is easy to do.  Some times though it’s easy to take it for granted.  But just yesterday as I was surfing a rather stormy Chun’s Reef with a  super duper friend of mine, I realized that the North Shore of Oahu on a “bad day” is better then the best day any where else! OK, so I’ve lived out here so long and home is home, but still, getting to jump in the water for a quick surf session every day or catching a few waves at giant Pipeline with the best surfers in the world, well who gets to do that?  And the sunsets out here, world class especially when viewed from the line up or surf zone.  I’ve also fallen in love with all the green sea turtles.  The Hawaiian name is Honu, but I named them all Nimo.  Yes life on the North Shore is as close to perfect as it gets.

2609, 2010

What Does Keep the Country, Country Mean?Really

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When you come to the island of Oahu and drive on the roads you will see green bumper stickers on people’s cars that say “Keep the Country, Country!” What does Keep the Country, Country really mean? Is it a patriotic statement to support the United States?  No, what it means in short is Keep the North Shore of Oahu green and protected from a proliferation of hotels and cement.  The North Shore is the recreational back yard for all of the residents of Oahu.  Every week end our beach parks, particularly in Haleiwa are filled with local families from around the island. The North Shore is also the surfing capital of the world.  Each Winter thousands of surfers travel here to test themselves in the Mecca of surfing.  Virtually all of these surfers love the aina (land) and for them Keeping the Country, Country means no more hotels and no more of  paving over paradise! So now when you come to the North Shore to learn to surf you know what all those green stickers really mean.