Puaena Point

2311, 2018

Puaena Point is the Best Place on Oahu to Learn to Surf

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Puaena Point on the North Shore of Oahu offers the best waves for learning to surf.  The North Shore Surf Girls teach surfing lessons daily at this location from October to May each year.  While you can find us here, it’s always best to make a reservation ahead of time, either by calling 1-808-637-2977 or by booking a lesson online. 

The North Shore Surf Girls love teaching surfing lessons at Puaena Point for many reasons.  It is a protected cove and safe from the big waves the North Shore of Oahu is known for in our winter months.  Puaena Point is a long gentle breaking wave.  The ride ends in a peaceful pool of water and is known for green sea turtle’s swimming all around you while you learn to surf.  Puaena Point, located at the end of Kahalewai Place on the North East end of Haleiwa Regional Beach Park, offers parking and a public restroom with showers. 

2002, 2013

Haleiwa Joe's Best Place to Eat After a Surf Lesson on the North Shore of Oahu

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The best place to fuel up on after a surfing lesson is Haleiwa Joe’s  it has  great food, service and a view of Puaena Point  where you just learned to surf across the bay from the front lanai.  Haleiwa Joe’s also has a fun sports bar that is frequented by surfing legends.  Happy hour  is from 4:30 – 6:30pm on week days and from 10:00pm to midnight on Fridays and Saturdays.  Menu options range from hamburgers to lobster and fresh fish.  My favorite meal is the seared Ahi and the burnt caramel macadamia for dessert.

111, 2012

Our Winter Surfing Lessons Location on the North Shore is Down a Road Named Kahalewai Place

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During the Winter months on the North Shore of Oahu the North Shore Surf Girls teach surf lessons in a protected cove named Puaena Point.  To get there you must turn off of Kamehameha Hwy., onto an unmarked road named Kahalewai.  Part of the North Shore Surf Girls Surf School’s mission in teaching people about the Hawaiian sport of surfing is to share with our students some of the cultural aspects of the area.  A good place to start is with place names.  Puaena Point translates into “hot flower”.  Pua = flower and ena = hot.  Kahalewai translates in to “the house that holds the water”.  Ka = the, hale = house and wai = water.  We find that by learning the Hawaiian names  and meanings of places helps our surf students gain a deeper appreciation for the sport of surfing and we hope a love of the beautiful Hawaiian culture that has given it to us.

2209, 2012

Surfing lesson in the Winter months on the North Shore of Oahu when the Surf is Big

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Learning to surf on the North Shore when the surf is big is easy with the North Shore Surf Girls Surf School because we teach you to surf in a protected cove. On the North Shore there are many many different waves to surf on. Fortunately for us and our surf students Puaena Point located on the far East side of Haleiwa Bay is super protected from the larger surf and a super easy wave to learn to surf on.

2302, 2010

North Shore's Best Surfing Beaches

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The best place to surf on the North Shore depends upon what kind of surfer you are. For beginner surfers Puaena Point and Freddie Land are the best places to go. If your an intermediate surfer any place up to 6 ft, except Pipeline and Rocky Rights. After the surf gets over 6 ft., every surf spot is for experts only, especially Pipeline, Sunset, Haleiwa, Waimea Bay and all outside reefs. The good news is that if your wanting to learn how to surf we teach our surfing lessons in a protected cove, so even when the surf is huge on the outside we have small and safe 1-2 ft., waves to teach you to surf on.

2409, 2009

Winter Surfing Lessons on the North Shore Happening!

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