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2102, 2013

Why is Surfing So Addicting?

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Not everyone who tries surfing becomes addicted after the first lesson, but many do.  So watch out surfing can be very addicting, it was for me.  I clearly remember my first wave and that magic feeling of dropping down the face.  There is nothing like it in the world and the bigger the wave the bigger the adrenaline rush.  But, why is surfing so addicting?  I guess if we knew we could bottle it and sell it.  I guess somethings are better left a mystery.

1609, 2010

Learning to Surf on the North Shore is Very Safe in the Winter Months

By |September 16th, 2010|Learning to Surf on the North Shore is Very Safe Even in the Winter Months, Surf Happenings|0 Comments

When people think of the North Shore they think of gigantic waves only for professional surfers. The truth is that there are many good surfing waves for beginners and intermediate surfers, you only need to know where.  For example the North Shore Surf Girls give lessons during the Winter surf season at a place known as Puaena Point.  The wave located on the far right side of Waialua Bay just outside of Haleiwa town is perfect for first time surfers.  If you know where to enter the water and how the currents flow you can surf there pretty much everyday during the Winter surf season on the North Shore of Oahu.