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1212, 2010

Making a Shift….in Life on the North Shore of Oahu

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Making a shift in life is easiest when something out of your control happens which forces you to move in a new direction.  While this can be unpleasant at first,  it does  provide opportunities to experience and learn things that could have passed you by.  For me the most recent shift came when my twin sister bought me a vita mix blender for my birthday.  My mother actually made us both buy one for each other.  Some birthday present – $300 later.  While it’s way to much to pay for a blender, try mixing fresh kale, collards, bananas, papayas,  frozen organic blueberries,  yogurt, flax seed oil and ice…Yummy, yummy and more yum.  Now you have the prefect almost raw food diet ever.  I started drinking a  daily blender full of these green smoothies back in September of this year and wow!  My memory has gotten better, my skin has improved, my moods are  more stable (I also stopped drinking coffee) and my energy level is great.  Lucky for me the North Shore is not only the surfing capitol of the world is also the “bread basket of Oahu” meaning it is made up of thousands of acres of some of […]

1704, 2010

We Won! We Won! Turtle Bay Development on the North Shore of Oahu Stopped by Order of the State of Hawaii Supreme Court!

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Obviously there’s more to the story then the headline.  A supplemental EIS is what came out of the law suite.   Special thanks to Local 5,  Eric Gill, all the superheros on the North Shore, all the people across the islands and world who donated money to the cause, the many organizations  that rallied and Hawaii’s Kanaka Moali!  Below is a video  I made,  about the issue that  explains why building 5 more hotels on the North Shore of Oahu  was a pretty bad idea.  No offence to the existing Turtle Bay Hotel which the community loves and supports.

Mark Cunningham, Carol Philips, Tim Vanderveer, Katie Killebree,  & Tinker Bloomfield at the Hawaii Polo Field.

1302, 2010

North Shore Beach Clean Up Sponsored By Jack Johnson's Kokua Foundation

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Jack Johnson could be described as the North Shore’s favorite son. He grew up on the beach in front of Pipeline, surfing and playing music with his friends and brothers. When he “hit the big time”, he started giving back to the community by advocating for sustainability. In the process he started organic gardens at Sunset Beach Elementary School and reached out to Hawaii’s children with his Recycle, Reduce & Reuse program. He also is reaching adults with his Kokua Foundation and Festival. When it became known that one could get a pre-sale ticket if they participated in a beach clean up, I marked my calendar and showed up at Goat Island by 9:00AM on the appointed day, there where also clean ups at 3 other locations. The Kokua Foundation Team and Surf Rider Foundation where there to give out supplies and record names. An estimated 300 people showed up on a Saturday morning to volunteer to clean up one of my favorite Summer time surf spots, Maelaekahana Beach. Although, I pick up trash everyday while teaching surfing lessons, I could not but help think what a wonderful lesson Jack was teaching all of us. For […]