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2702, 2018

The World’s Coral Reefs are Dissolving

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Is it too late to stop the world’s coral reefs from dissolving?
About a year ago, a friend of mine shared with me that her marine biologist boyfriend had discovered that it appeared that reefs near Turtle Bay Resort on the North Shore of Oahu were crumbling and he didn’t know why.  I remember at the time thinking “this can’t be good”.  Fast forward to 5 days ago Scientific America reports on a new study that increasing acidification is causing  the world’s coral reefs to really dissolve.  Reefs in some sites with the highest rates of acidification are dissolving faster then they can be built up.  The prediction is that by the end of the century most coral reefs will be dissolving away.  What this means for surfing is one thing: what it means for all of humanity is unnerving!

Healthy coral reefs provide a home to over one million aquatic species and income in the billions and millions of jobs for people around the world. In addition to food for people living near coral reefs especially on small islands.  Coral reefs also provide a natural barrier protecting coastal cities, communities, and beaches worldwide from high surf and erosion. The potential for treatments […]

1802, 2018

Threats to North Shore of Oahu’s Green Sea Turtle Population

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Threats to North Shore of Oahu’s Green Sea Turtle Population

Every year thousands of visitors come to the North Shore to view sea turtles on our beaches.  Although sea turtles are protected on the North Shore, our sea turtle population is on the decline here and worldwide due to poor fishing practices, marine debris consumption, boat props, destruction of nesting habitat, poaching and fibropapillomas.  It’s scary because green sea turtles have been protected from human hunting since the 1970s.

302, 2018

If the Oceans Die will we run out of Oxygen?

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If the Oceans Die will we run out of Oxygen?  Some say yes.  The world’s oceans are also known as the lungs of our planet.  As much as 70% of the world’s Oxygen comes from tiny plants called phytoplankton.  Sadly since the  1950 there has been a 40% decline in their numbers.  Besides supplying  most of the OxygenOxygen we humans breath phytoplankton also provides food for most of the ocean’s creatures.  So while I can’t answer the question definitely, if there is even a chance that if the world’s ocean’s die we lose 70% of the Oxygen we breathe, is it worth taking the chance?

1901, 2018

Best Sunscreen for Surfing Lessons

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Using the best sunscreen for surfing lessons is very helpful.  Step one purchase a sunscreen product that is reef safe and contains no oxybenzone, butylparaben, octinoxate or 4-methylbenzylidene camphor.  Step two apply sunscreen at least 30 minutes  before entering the water.  Step three apply it especially to the face, back of hands, ears, back of legs and any other place exposed to the sun.  North Shore Surf Girls surf lessons include the use of a long sleeve rashguard so you don’t need to apply sunscreen to your back or arms etc…

1601, 2018

The Importance of Eliminating Single Use Plastics on the Ocean for Surfers

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Every day I’m in the water teaching surfing lessons I see plastic floating in the ocean.  I always pick it up and stow in my wetsuit.  Sadly this increase problem of plastics in the world’s oceans continues to increase daily.   Eliminating single use plastics is one of the most important environmental issues we are facing.

2609, 2016

Oxybenzone, a Common Product in Suncreen’s Commonly Used By Surfer’s, is Killing our Reefs

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Virtually ever surfer in the world applies sunscreen before they paddle out in the surf.  Tragically one of the most common ingredients in most sunscreens is oxybenzone which not only is harmful to humans recent studies have show that it cause deformities in coral larvae, making them unable to swim, settle out and form new coral colonies.  It also increases the rate at which coral bleaching occurs.

In 2008, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reported that nearly all Americans were contaminated with oxybenzone. Not only that, but some studies have shown that it penetrates the skin and then increases the production of free radicals when exposed to light. You definitely don’t want a sunscreen ingredient that reacts to the sun by increasing free radical production. This is one way in which oxybenzone is considered a carcinogen. [5]

Using natural sunscreen is a no-brainer. Zinc oxide has long been one of the safest and most trusted sun protection ingredients. It’s a physical sunscreen, which means it blocks the rays from getting to your skin, rather than just neutralizing them.

Using sunscreens with zinc oxide can give you protection from the sun with a side of peace of mind that you are […]

305, 2013

Keeping our Beaches Clean on the North Shore of Oahu For Surfers, Swimmers and All Beach Goers

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Every day thousands of people visit our beaches on the North Shore of Oahu to surf, swim, snorkel and even sun bath and for some reason a small percentage of these people leave trash on the beach.  Please, please don’t be one of these people.  It is the hope of the North Shore Surf Girls Surf School that everyone who goes to the beach will not only take all their trash with them when they leave but also pick up any trash left by fellow beach goes.  Leaving one’s trash at the beach is super ignorant so too is walking by trash left by others.  Let’s all pitch in and keep our beaches pristine.

2503, 2013

How To Be Kind to Our Reefs on the North Shore of Oahu When Surfing or Swiming

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All the underwater reefs in the world are endangered from many things, including human beings walking on them. So when you take a surfing lesson, go swimming or for a free surf, don’t wear reef shoes. Besides making it hard to; balance on your surfboard and swim, they not only make you look like a kook, (surfer slang for very uncool) reef shoes crush the reef when you walk on ocean floor with them. It’s much healthier for our friends in the ocean for humans to not touch the reef at all.

1803, 2013

How To Tan and Not Damage Your Skin While Surfing on the North Shore.

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The best way to tan and not damage your skin is to us a fake bronzing lotion.  When you tan your skin with the sun while surfing or pay money for  a sun lamp you are damaging your skin.  The best solution is to be happy with the color of skin your parents gave you and focus on eating good foods and exercising.

1005, 2012

Surfing Lessons with Geen Sea Turtles May Soon Be a thing of the Past for Oahu Visitors and Locals alike.

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It’s no secret that the North Shore is teaming with green sea turtles… We see them at virtually every surfing lesson that we give. Weighing up to 700lbs and living as long as 80 years, they are gentle beautiful creatures that have graced the oceans for as long as 150 million years.  With rare exceptions surfers don’t chase them, feed them or harass them in any way. The result is that surfers and turtles  live in harmony in the surf and on the beautiful beaches of the North Shore and around the island of Oahu even including Waikiki.
When giving a surfing lesson, I often joke with my students that I have TADD, or Turtle Attention Deficit Disorder, because when ever I see a turtle I’m compelled to say “hi” as he or she pops it’s head up for a breath of air in the surf. One day we even rescued a little one that had fishing line wrapped all around it’s neck and flippers. Saving that young turtles long life was a beautiful moment for me and my friend, Christi.

It was not always that way back in In 1973, biologist researching the Hawaiian green sea […]