According to Wikipedia. The Vans Triple Crown of Surfing is second only to the World Surf League’s World Title in terms of prestige and difficulty. It is the ultimate test of a surfer’s ability to master the large and consequential waves in surfing’s most legendary arena, among the most talented field of competitors in the sport.

The Triple Crown of Surfing was starting in 1983 and has been held annually since then. The series consists of 3 professional surfing events for men and intermittently women on the North Shore of Oahu in November and December. Having run annually since 1983, it first included a women’s division 14-years later in 1997; however, 3-years later, it was suspended off and on until 2010. A list of the Women’s Triple Crown Winners is listed below.

Women’s Triple Crown of Surfing Champions

1997 – Layne Beachley
1998 – Layne Beachley
1999 – Layne Beachley
2000 – No Women’s Division
2001 – No Women’s Division
2002 – No Women’s Division
2003 – Keala Kennelly
2004 – No Women’s Division
2005 – Chelsea Hedges
2006 – No Women’s Division
2007 – Megan Abubo
2008 – Stephanie Gilmore
2009 – Stephanie Gilmore
2010 – Stephanie Gilmore
2011 – No Women’s Division
2012 – No Women’s Division
2013 – No Women’s Division
2014 – No Women’s Division
2015 – No Women’s Division
2016 – No Women’s Division
2017 – No Women’s Division
2018 – No Women’s Division
2019 – No Women’s Division

In 2011 the women’s division was canceled entirely. Instead, 4x Women’s World Surfing Champion, Carissa Moore, received a wildcard entry into the Men’s Triple Crown of Surfing, limited to the Reef Hawaiian Pro at Haleiwa and the Vans Hawaiian Pro at Sunset Beach, becoming the first woman in history to be given the “honor.” Although, since she was only allowed to compete in 2 out of 3 events, her chances of winning were virtually zero.

Sources – First Women’s Event held in 1997