A good land lesson when learning how to surf will include the following steps.

  1. How to be safe in the water

    How to be safe in the water it’s important to understand that the water is fluid. Well, this may seem an obvious point the fluid nature of the water means that things are changing all the time in the surf. One has to learn to have “situational awareness in the ocean when learning how to surf. Always watch the waves and the surf zone. Be ready at any time to jump off your board and duck underwater to avoid a wave or another surfer. Never pedal directly below another surfer and never sit directly in front of another surfer. This is what we call the lineup. Surfers will sit in a row next to each other so that they do not get washed on top of each other when a bigger wave rolls in. There are many other little safety hacks that we will go into greater detail with you on the beach.North Shore Surf Girl Aimee giving a land surfing lesson

  2. How to pop up on a surfboard!
    The first mistake most beginning surfer students make is to try to stand up before they actually catch the wave. At North Shore Surf Girls we will teach how to catch the wave first, stabilizing the board by leaning back in what we like to call “surfer’s cobra”. This technique is very important to keep the tip of the board up as you drop into the wave. The next step for beginning surfers is to pull both of your knees about 6 inches away from your hands. Finally, while stabilizing the surfboard with the pressure of your hands, step one foot between your hands in the centerline of the surfboard push hard with your board hands, and rotate sideways planting your rear foot on the back of the board.

    North Shore Surf Girls surf student learning how to surf

  3. How to paddle

    Paddling your surfboard in an efficient and skillful manner is one of the most important things you will learn to do when taking a surf lesson. It’s not so important how strong you are, what is most important is that you use the perfect technique when paddling. During your lead lesson and whilst in the water North Shore Surf Girls instructors will teach you how to do this correctly, which will make you much less tired and much safer in the water while you were learning how to surf.Surf lesson on Oahu's North Shore

  4. How to stay safe in the water.

    North Shore Surf Girls’ first second and third goal is to make sure that you have a safe and fun surfing experience. To achieve this we’d like to teach you more than just how to pack pop up or just how to paddle we like to teach you about the ocean. We explain that there are zones in the out water the first zone we’d like you to learn about is the lineup with the surfers’ lineup in a row. The second zone is the impact zone where the waves turn white and crash. The third zone is the inside where the waves stop or die out. The fourth zone is the channel on the side of the waves this can be to your right or you’re left of the surf zone depending upon the beach we are teaching it for the day. Once you understand the zones and how they work you will be a lot safer in the water because you’ll know where to paddle to avoid getting smashed by a wave. There are of course a lot of other safety hacks that we will teach you when you take a lesson with a North Shore Surf Girls.Surfing lesson on the North Shore of Oahu