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3011, 2017

Honolua Blomfield – 2017 Women’s Longboard Champion

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Congratulations to the North Shore’s own Honolua Blomfield for bringing home a World Surfing title. Ms. Blomfield is the first female from the North Shore of Oahu to win a world title in surfing! She has bright future which according to an interview on her sponsor, O’Neill Wetsuits webpage, includes traveling the world and attending college.
Below are a list of some of her surfing accomplishments:

2017 – Women’s World Longboard Champion

2017 – 1st Place at Taiwan Open World Longboard Champs

2017 – 1st Place at Turtle Bay Resort Pro

2016 – 1st Place at Taiwan Open of Surfing

2016 – 1st Place at Duke’s Waikiki Wahine Longboard Pro


2016 – Finished WSL Longboard Championship Tour 5th overall

2016 – 1st Place at Taiwan Open of Surfing

2016 – 1st Place at Duke’s Waikiki Wahine Longboard Pro

2111, 2017

North Shore Surf Contest Calendar 2017-2018

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The North Shore Surf Contest Calendar is perhaps the biggest secret on the North Shore surf scene.  I’m not really sure why but the actual dates of surfing contest are not usually released until the month of October of the same year.  This is because the City and County of Honolulu only issues permits a couple of months prior to the actual event date.  Not going to comment on the benefits of doing this….


1311, 2017

North Shore Surf Girl Food

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Being a surf girl requires a lot more up keep then the bohemian beach lifestyle title implies. A proper diet is paramount to have the energy to teach surfing for hours each day while balancing the rest of one’s life. Raw organic foods are the key to success. We like to start our mornings with a raw green smoothie full of berries, bananas, leafy greens, papaya and other seasonal fruit freshly available from our local farmers markets. Drink a glass or two of these smoothies and you too will be able to spend hours and hours happily froliking in the surf everyday.

1211, 2017

How to Stand Up Paddle Board

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How to Stand Up Paddle Board

1. Start on calm flat water –  learning to surf waves with SUP will come after you’ve mastered the flats.
2. Begin on your knees and practice turning and controlling the board with your paddle.
3. To stand up get on your hands and knees holding the paddle on the board with your hands with your knees just behind the middle point of the board. Keeping your hands and the paddle on the board slowly place your feet where your knees are then looking forward slowly lift the paddle off the board with your knees bent at a 45 degree angle.
4. Paddle the board forward with conviction.

511, 2017

Triple Crown of Surfing 2017 Calendar

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The Triple Crown of Surfing starts on November 12, 2017 with the Hawaiian Pro at Haleiwa Beach and finishes up with the Billabong Pipe Masters from December 8th – 20th, 2017. The Pipe Masters is the final event on the Men’s World Championship Tour and will determine the new world champion for pro surfing.