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2901, 2015

10 Reasons to Learn to Surf

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Picking up a  new  sport takes a commitment of time and money, so why spend the time learning to surf? We came up with 10 reasons below, to be sure there are many more.

1. Surfing is super fun

2. Surfing is great for your health

3. Surfing helps your mind

4. Surfing is a great way to meet people

5. Surfing will make you and environmentalist

6.  Surfing is free

7. Surfing is good for people of all ages and genders

8.  Surfing is the best way to enjoy the sun, sand and surf

9. Surfing is cool

10.  Surfing is a great way to spend the rest of your life.

2201, 2015

Sun protection in the 21 Century While Surfing or learning to Surf

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There are three key ways to protect your skin from the sun while surfing or even learning to surf. The first way is to surf in the early morning or late afternoon. The second way is to cover your skin up with lycra clothing. The third way is to reapply sunscreen to exposed areas every 15 minutes….That’s it. Enjoy your day in the sun everyone!

1101, 2015

What Does It Feel Like to Surf?

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There’s a well know saying in the surfing world,  “Only a Surfer Know’s the Feeling”.   I do know how it feels to get back into the surf after a hiatus of a week or two.  It’s heavenly…..the ocean is so pure in her heart and actions. She will do what she will do and some of us mere humans get to know her and even be friends with her…..the ocean is always a place I can go to seek refuge from the manusha of life on the land.  Paying bills, organizing, scheduling, even cleaning all are not possible in the ocean, especially while surfing.  It’s a kind of meditative place where one can must and only focus on the moment.  Surfing also brings a  feeling of peace, health,  happiness and especially freedom.

701, 2015

A Surfer Girl’s New Year’s Resolutions

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Every surfer girl should have a set of New Year’s Resolutions to motivate one’s self to improve in life….Here are mine…..

1. Drink a lot more water

2. Eat a lot more live green food

3. Apply sunscreen more often, especially when in the water

4 Practice yoga a lot more

5, Be as kind as I can to everyone all the time

6. Free surf a lot more

7. Call my dad at least once a week


301, 2015

It’s Been an Amazing Ride Living on the North Shore of Oahu!

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Paddling out today on my way to work, I thought, wow who would have thunk 40 plus years later I’d still be living the dream on the North Shore of Oahu?  I tried to remember the first time I swam in her beautiful waters. I remember the first time I looked under the water at Waimea Bay with a mask, I freaked out and ran out of the water, blown away because it was so vast under the sea. I must have been 5 or 6 years old at the time and never would have dreamed of paddle out to the point to challenge myself in the waves. I remember Steve Albert, who still runs Rainbow school taking us students on field trips to bodysurf the shore break at Waimea and to swim through the secret tunnels of Sharks Cove. I remember riding The Bus from Kahaluu to Waialua to ride horses as a teenager and staring at the huge waves of Waimea memorized if only for a few seconds as we rode around the Bay in pre-traffic North Shore…..I remember my first time bottom turning at Pipeline….wow that was a cool day! So now so many, many years later […]