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2905, 2022

Summary of North Shore Winter Surf 2021/2022

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This past winter North Shore surfers experienced one of the best surf seasons in over 10 years. West swell after West swell graced our Shores. The pipeline broke for two months every day straight. Surfers, Bodyboarders, and Bodysurfers were all extremely delighted and barreled.

2905, 2022

Women’s Pipeline Bodyboarding Championship in Memory of Don & Josie Over February 24 – March 4, 2022 – Ehukai Beach Park, North Shore Oahu

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Women’s Pipeline Bodyboarding Championship in Memory of Don & Josie Over February 24 – March 4, 2022 – Ehukai Beach Park, North Shore Oahu

1011, 2018

Where are the Surfing Competitions on Oahu

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Where is the Surfing Competitions on Oahu held?
My surf lesson students are always asking where is the surfing competitions on Oahu?  I get asked these questions so many times one would think the Hawaii Tourism Board would be paying me a salary or at least the Triple Crown of Surfing could.  A surfer girl can dream right. But, I digress.  Most surfers know that it’s the North Shore where the most prestigious surfing competitions on Oahu are. The Pipeline is the home of the famous Pipe Master’s surfing contest which is usually the last event on the Pro Surfing World Tour.  Sunset beach follows a distant second as a favorite location where surfing competitions are on Oahu.  Sunset Beach or Paumalu as it’s known in Hawaiian has recently suffered severe erosion problems.  This beach is so eroded the City cut down four very tall and loved date palms lining the infamous bike path bordering the shoreline.    Haleiwa Beach Park or Ali’i’s as it’s known to the locals is the 3rd most popular location where surfing competitions are on Oahu.  Haleiwa Ali’i Beach Park is the first event of Van’s Triple Crown of Surfing, while it is not a full-blown world tour event it’s one of the easiest to watch because there is a lot of parking and only little regional traffic jams.   Haleiwa Ali’i Beach is also home the best surfing contest in the world, the Menehune Contest, which is an annual surfing contest held on the North Shore of Oahu for children under twelve years of age.  This past October’s event hosted some 500 children mostly from the North Shore community.  The Last location where is the surfing competitions on Oahu is the fabled Waimea Bay, home of the Eddie a big wave surfing contest.  For years and years, this was the only surfing competition held there, but for the last two years we have seen permit’s issued for a women’s version of the event.  Last year the event almost ran, but due to lack of big surf in the holding period, it was not run.


1605, 2017

Stand up Paddle Boarding Lessons

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We offer stand up paddle boarding lessons daily in Haleiwa and recommend them for people who are a little nervous about learning to surf. We can also take young children stand up paddle boarding together on the same board. A stand up paddle board lesson is an excellent way to get in the water with out waves….

1505, 2017

Training for Big Wave Surfing

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How to train for surfing big waves….There are  3 parts to training to big wave surfing.  The first is ocean and wave knowledge; understanding currents, tides and the waves themselves.  This kind of knowledge is usually learned by spending many hours and years in the ocean.  The second element in training to surf big waves is physical conditioning, this includes both strength and cardio; both of which require basic hard work and commitment.  The third element is psychological so that you don’t panic.  You have to learn how to take your fear out of your frontal lob, look at it acknowledge it and then put it on a shelf in the back of your mind so that you can focus on what you need to do to stay alive in big waves….

1305, 2017

2017 Children’s Learn to Surf Camp North Shore Oahu

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CAMP Dates: Weekly from May 29 – August 3, 2017

Camp Days: Mon, Tues , Wed & Thur

Camp Hours: 9-11 AM

Ages: 10 – 17

Cost: $312

ABOUT THE CAMP: Our CPR, AED and lifeguard certified surf instructors will teach surfing to all levels, surf etiquette, ocean safety and awareness.. We offer a minimum 5:1 ratio but give one on one attention where we see fit and depend on the student and parent to express their concerns and expectations. We spend most of our time in the water but spend some time on the beach teaching too, our goal is to encourage all campers to learn water skills and become strong waterman and lifelong surfers.

WHAT TO BRING: lunch, snacks, bottle water, towel, hat, sunscreen and bathing suite. We provide long sleeve surf shirts and all surfing equipment.

For booking and questions please call us at 1 – 808-637-2977 or send an email vial our website.

Warmest Aloha,
North Shore Surf Girls

301, 2015

It’s Been an Amazing Ride Living on the North Shore of Oahu!

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Paddling out today on my way to work, I thought, wow who would have thunk 40 plus years later I’d still be living the dream on the North Shore of Oahu?  I tried to remember the first time I swam in her beautiful waters. I remember the first time I looked under the water at Waimea Bay with a mask, I freaked out and ran out of the water, blown away because it was so vast under the sea. I must have been 5 or 6 years old at the time and never would have dreamed of paddle out to the point to challenge myself in the waves. I remember Steve Albert, who still runs Rainbow school taking us students on field trips to bodysurf the shore break at Waimea and to swim through the secret tunnels of Sharks Cove. I remember riding The Bus from Kahaluu to Waialua to ride horses as a teenager and staring at the huge waves of Waimea memorized if only for a few seconds as we rode around the Bay in pre-traffic North Shore…..I remember my first time bottom turning at Pipeline….wow that was a cool day! So now so many, many years later […]

2211, 2014

What to expect on the North Shore During the Month of December.

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So you pulled the trigger and decided to spend some time on the North Shore during the Month of December.  What can you expect?  If you arrive before the 20th of December you will get to watch the Pipe Masters, which runs from the 8th to the 20th surf permitting.  The men’s world champion of surfing will be decided at this event and it’s truly one of the greatest shows on the earth.  You can expect the surf to be breaking everyday, with excellent conditions for learning to surf.  You can also expect to see pro surfer’s virtually everywhere you go.  Right now there are over 200 professional surfers in the world and they are all on the North Shore for the end of the world tour.  Pro surfers are super nice to fans, you can take pictures with them at the beach and get autographs signed as well.  However, since the North Shore is also the coolest place in the world, being filled with surfers, it’s not cool to approach them in the super market, especially Food Land.  Besides, great surfing and pro surfer sitings, one can expect to find it hard to find places to stay on the […]

905, 2014

Summer Time Surfing Lessons on the North Shore of Oahu

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It’s that time of year on the North Shore of Oahu when the surf is perfect for beginners learning to surf.  The North Shore Surf Girls Surf School is lucky because in the summer months Hawaii’s surf mellows out just enough for there to be a little beginner wave at a special beach called Chun’s Reef, located just two miles north east of Haleiwa town.  Chun’s Beach also features a rather empty white sand beach, super clear water, green sea turtles swimming all around and a it is also guarded by the City and County of Honolulu Lifeguards from 9:00am to 5:00pm daily.

1901, 2014

Spring Break Activities Hawaii North Shore

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Spring break starts in a few short week and the North Shore of Oahu is the perfect place to visit. Learning to surf on the North Shore is the perfect bucket list item to check off. Other activities spring breakers can do include, hiking, snorkeling, and even parting with pro surfers at Turtle Bay Resort. However, spring breakers on the North Shore will find it hard to park at Laniakea or Turtle Beach, because officials have closed it off.  Apparently accessing the beach safely is not part of our governments mission statement. Below is a cute video that explains the current status: