Alec Cook “Ace Cool” 1956 – 2015

By |November 12th, 2015|RIP|2 Comments

Alec Cook, better know as Ace Cool went night surfing at 20 ft Waimea Bay on the North Shore of Oahu to catch some waves under the full moon by himself. Armed only with a headlamp and glow stick tied to the front of his board, he never returned.  Many might question the sanity of paddling out to Waimea at 20 ft even in the day light let alone after dark, but for a waterman who had been surfing huge waves for over 30 years it was just a good way to avoid the crowds.  Like so many other surfer’s Alek Cooke’s love  of the ocean ran through every vein in his body making Waimea Bay a fitting final resting place.  Alec was know to be a showman and like so many living in the surfing capitol of the world, sought fame and glory.  In Alec Cooke’s way it was by riding huge outer reef waves before anyone else did and claiming it with postcards, poster’s and t-shirts.  News of his disappearance  spread far and wide to all corners of the internet providing him with the fame he sought in life. Alec however was a little different then the rest […]