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2302, 2013

10 Reason Learning to Surf on The North Shore is Better then Learning to Surf In Waikiki

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10 Reason Learning to Surf on The North Shore is Better then Learning to Surf In Waikiki
1.  The North Shore is the Surfing Capitol of the World!
2. The waves are better on the North Shore then in Waikiki
3. The beaches on the North Shore are more real, IE not pumped in sand like Waikiki
4. The water is cleaner on the North Shore then in Waikiki
5. The surf and waves are much less crowded on the North Shore then in Waikiki
6. Parking is free on the North Shore IE, there are no parking meters on the North Shore
7. The sunsets on the North Shore are amazing!
8.  The North Shore is not over commercialized like Waikiki is.
9. You will learn to surf from real surfer girls
10. A visit to Hawaii is not complete without visiting the North Shore!

2102, 2013

Why is Surfing So Addicting?

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Not everyone who tries surfing becomes addicted after the first lesson, but many do.  So watch out surfing can be very addicting, it was for me.  I clearly remember my first wave and that magic feeling of dropping down the face.  There is nothing like it in the world and the bigger the wave the bigger the adrenaline rush.  But, why is surfing so addicting?  I guess if we knew we could bottle it and sell it.  I guess somethings are better left a mystery.

2002, 2013

Haleiwa Joe's Best Place to Eat After a Surf Lesson on the North Shore of Oahu

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The best place to fuel up on after a surfing lesson is Haleiwa Joe’s  it has  great food, service and a view of Puaena Point  where you just learned to surf across the bay from the front lanai.  Haleiwa Joe’s also has a fun sports bar that is frequented by surfing legends.  Happy hour  is from 4:30 – 6:30pm on week days and from 10:00pm to midnight on Fridays and Saturdays.  Menu options range from hamburgers to lobster and fresh fish.  My favorite meal is the seared Ahi and the burnt caramel macadamia for dessert.

1802, 2013

Avoiding the Noon Sun When Learning to Surf in Hawaii

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It’s always a good idea to avoid the noon sun when learning to surf in Hawaii.  If you have to take a surfing lesson at noon in Hawaii, it’s a good idea to apply a lot of sunscreen ahead of time so it soaks in.  Be sure to pay special attention to your face and back of legs, we will provide you with a long sleeve to wear during your Hawaiian surfing lesson.

1602, 2013

Coffee, Tea or Me?

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Coffee, tea or me,? Well not really, but I do have a funny story about trying to get a cup of coffee to go in Bali back in the early 90’s on one of the 5 surfing trips I took to Indonesia.  I had just arrived in Kuta, a tourist town on the island of Bali that most visitors can’t avoid, but perhaps should.  In any case I went into a little shop and asked for a cup of coffee to go.  The had no idea what I meant, however after about 5 minutes of explaining that I wanted to take the coffee away with me then gave me a plastic bag filled with very hot coffee.  Needless to say I could not drink out of a plastic bag, but it was pretty funny at the time.  Surfing that day was a little groggy too.

1502, 2013

How to Buy Your First Surf Board.

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Many of our surf lesson students ask the North Shore Surf Girls how to buy their first surfboard. Our advice is to rent or borrow surf boards until you find one that is the right size. For example we start you out on your first surfing lesson in Hawaii on a 12 foot surf board, because it’s easy to balance and safer, However, as you progress you will move onto an 11 foot surf board and then down to a 10 ft surfboard. Most people eventually settle on a surfboard that is less then 8 feet long. The problem is that if you purchase a surfboard that is too small for your level you will not be able to catch waves with it and may give up surfing and at the very least have to buy a bigger board while your skills improve. So take our advice and rent boards until you get to a size you like and can carry on top of your car as well. Oh, and the main difference between a short and long board….short boards turn sharper and long boards are easier to catch waves with.

1402, 2013

Spring Brings the Best Time to Learn to Surf on the North Shore.

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Learning to surf on the North Shore of Oahu is possible all year round. In the Summer Chun’s Reef is perfect for beginning surf lesson, because it catches a trade wind swell that warps around the island from the East Side of Oahu. In the Fall, Winter and Spring we teach in a protected Cove called Puaena Point. Spring is our favorite time of year to teach because the waves are perfect at Puaena and it’s getting a bit warmer. Yes, it’s always warm in Hawaii but us locals are very spoiled. We like the weather to be beyond perfect, which is what Spring brings….

1302, 2013

What to Wear for a Surfing Lesson?

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What to wear for a surfing lesson is a question our surf school students often ask. The answer to what to wear for a surfing lesson for females is a bathing suite that stays on in the water.  For guys a pair of surf trunks is what to wear for a surfing lesson. Both items can be purchased at any surf shops in Haleiwa. Our surf school supply’s you with a long sleeve surf shirt or rash guard, but if you prefer you can bring your own, just remember to get a long sleeve one.

Reef safe sun screen is also super important to use when taking a surfing lesson.

Besides a bathing suite and a long sleeve rash-guard, which we also sell on our website. Leggings are also a must “what to wear for a surfing lesson”, especially if you want to protect your skin from getting a sun burn and or rash.  You can buy leggings at some of the surf shops out here, but most likely you already own a pair.  As long as your leggings have stretch in them they will work fine.  Other then the above mentioned swim suit, leggings and rash guard, you can also wear a […]

1202, 2013

Which is the Best Surf School on the North Shore of Oahu?

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From time to time a potential surf student asks the North Shore Surf Girls Surf School what backs us better then other surf schools on the North Shore of Oahu? My response is that we don’t know, because we have never taken a surfing lesson from one of the other surf schools on the North Shore. We can tell them that with our surf school we focus on the individual needs of our surf students. For example some people are more athletic then others and may learn to surf very quickly, other people need more hands on surfing instruction. Young children also need to have more attention to keep them safe while learning to surf. One question to ask when deciding which surf school to learn from is “are they licensed and do they have insurance?”. Only a few surf schools on the North Shore are actually licensed and insured. Happy surfing!

1102, 2013

Hawaii and the North Shore is a Happy Place with this Classic by ABBA

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The North Shore Surf Girls Surfing School loves this video.  We wonder why the Hawaii Visitor’s Association is not using it to promote visitors coming to Hawaii to learn to surf.