What to wear for a surfing lesson is a question our surf school students often ask. The answer to what to wear for a surfing lesson for females is a bathing suite that stays on in the water.  For guys a pair of surf trunks is what to wear for a surfing lesson. Both items can be purchased at any surf shops in Haleiwa. Our surf school supply’s you with a long sleeve surf shirt or rash guard, but if you prefer you can bring your own, just remember to get a long sleeve one.

Reef safe sun screen is also super important to use when taking a surfing lesson.

Besides a bathing suite and a long sleeve rash-guard, which we also sell on our website. Leggings are also a must “what to wear for a surfing lesson”, especially if you want to protect your skin from getting a sun burn and or rash.  You can buy leggings at some of the surf shops out here, but most likely you already own a pair.  As long as your leggings have stretch in them they will work fine.  Other then the above mentioned swim suit, leggings and rash guard, you can also wear a visor and inexpensive sun glasses.  These last two items are especially useful if your eyes are sensitive to the sun.  You should also bring water and a  towel to your surfing lesson.