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2904, 2010

Top 3 Summer Surfing Spots on the North Shore

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For most of the pro surfers on the North Shore, Summer is the time to head South, either to Waikiki or Bali, but for us hard core locals leaving the North Shore for any reason is minimized.  So since it’s well claimed, Goat Island in the Summer is the best spot on the North Shore for surfing.

1. Goat Island – pros and cons – waves every day, bathroom w/ showers – onshore winds most days, long paddle out.

2. Chun’s Reef – pros and cons – super small waves daily, lifeguard – crowded.

3. Malekahana – pros and cons – close to shore – showers – onshore winds most days.

2304, 2010

North Shore Surfer and Muscian Jack Johnson's Kokua Festival

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Like most girls who grew up learning to surf at Pipeline on the North Shore of Oahu, I surfed with Jack when he was just a kid.  He was one of the top chargers at Pipeline back in his day. I became a fan of  Jack’s  music when I read a story in Surfer Magazine about it. I promptly surfed on over to Napstar and down loaded some of his songs and was amazed with the soulfulness of it.  Below is a music video from his new album To the Sea which should be a big hit.

Lucky for us North Shore people,  Jack or rather “Majic Jack” as my mom calls him, cares a lot about our community and especially children.  He and his beautiful wife Kim started the Kokua Foundation to teach all of us to recycle, reduce and reuse.  While the foundation focuses on children the Johnson’s hold a concert most years at the Waikiki Shell to raise money and stoke everybody out.  This year’s concert was awesome, there was an insane line up of local talent and some legends including Taj Mahal and Ziggy Marly along with Jack.  Lots of good energy at the concert, […]

2004, 2010

North Shore Soap Factory Pipeline Women's Pro Surfing Contest Winners

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Congratulations to North Shore Surf girl Anastasia Ashley for winning the women’s surfing and to Brazilian Karla Costa-Taylor for winning the women’s bodyboarding divisions of the 21st Annual North Shore Soap Factory Pipeline Women’s Pro in Memory of Josie Over. A big mahalo to event director, Betty Depolito for organizing it too!

Photo Bernie Baker

It’s great to see the women surfers from around the world given the opportunity to compete at the world’s most prestigious surfing competition venue. What’s not so great is seeing the only women’s contest held at Pipeline awarded dates at the end of the winter, when the waves are small and marginal. Most people don’t understand or even want to know about the “politics” of surfing contest on the North Shore, but it would be helpful to the cause of gender equality if some sun was shined on it. Each Spring the City and County sends permit applications to all the event directors from the previous season inviting them to fill our an application for a contest. The application includes questions like does this event provide opportunities for females and what kind of community services does the event preform. Although there is […]

1704, 2010

We Won! We Won! Turtle Bay Development on the North Shore of Oahu Stopped by Order of the State of Hawaii Supreme Court!

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Obviously there’s more to the story then the headline.  A supplemental EIS is what came out of the law suite.   Special thanks to Local 5,  Eric Gill, all the superheros on the North Shore, all the people across the islands and world who donated money to the cause, the many organizations  that rallied and Hawaii’s Kanaka Moali!  Below is a video  I made,  about the issue that  explains why building 5 more hotels on the North Shore of Oahu  was a pretty bad idea.  No offence to the existing Turtle Bay Hotel which the community loves and supports.

Mark Cunningham, Carol Philips, Tim Vanderveer, Katie Killebree,  & Tinker Bloomfield at the Hawaii Polo Field.