North Shore Surf Girls Website

Like most girls who grew up learning to surf at Pipeline on the North Shore of Oahu, I surfed with Jack when he was just a kid.  He was one of the top chargers at Pipeline back in his day. I became a fan of  Jack’s  music when I read a story in Surfer Magazine about it. I promptly surfed on over to Napstar and down loaded some of his songs and was amazed with the soulfulness of it.  Below is a music video from his new album To the Sea which should be a big hit.

Lucky for us North Shore people,  Jack or rather “Majic Jack” as my mom calls him, cares a lot about our community and especially children.  He and his beautiful wife Kim started the Kokua Foundation to teach all of us to recycle, reduce and reuse.  While the foundation focuses on children the Johnson’s hold a concert most years at the Waikiki Shell to raise money and stoke everybody out.  This year’s concert was awesome, there was an insane line up of local talent and some legends including Taj Mahal and Ziggy Marly along with Jack.  Lots of good energy at the concert, reminding me that the future is going to be OK with people like the Johnsons helping out.