Learning to Surf in Hawaii on the North Shore of Oahu

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Anyone can learn to Surf in Hawaii on the North Shore of Oahu, even though the Hawaii tourist board likes to promote Waikiki as the best place to learn to surf, this is only because of all the hotels and expensive shops in Honolulu. The sad truth is that the beaches in Waikiki are fake, that’s right some of the sand was even mined from the North Shore’s famous Waimea Bay. The North Shore of Oahu on the other hand boast miles and miles of natural white sand beaches and has been official designated by the State of Hawaii Government as the Surfing Capitol of the World. The North Shore Surf Girls can teach you to surf even when the surf is big because we take you to a protected cove just outside of the Historic Haleiwa Town. You will lean to surf in gental rolling waves with protected green sea turtles swimming around you.

The views are amazing too. Kaiena Point, not a good place to learn to surf by the way, is visible from both the surfing lineup and the shore line. Mt. Kahala the tallest point on Oahu is also visible while you learn to […]