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1212, 2018

How to check the surf.

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The best way to check the surf is to wake up very early in the morning and look at it in person. If you can’t look at the ocean physically, the next best option is to go online and visit either surf line or surf news network to look at 1 of their surf cams. I personally like the surfline surf cams better but the surf report from Surf News Network is more accurate. So your best bet is to check them both.

1012, 2018

How to catch a wave on a surfboard

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How to stand up on the surfboard can be one of the most intimidating parts of learning how to surf. The secret in learning how to surf is that you don’t have to stand up on your surfboard to catch a wave. Paddle to the wave and catch the wave on your stomach 1st gaining control of the board with your hands on either side and continuing to control the board with your hands as you step light as a cat into position pivoting sideways looking and keeping the hands low.

Admittedly the video above is not standing up on a surfboard, but we figure if this guy can stand up on a slackline then you can’t be that hard to stand up on a surfboard after all.