There are a number of things you should make sure your surf school has to make sure you are getting the best surf lessons on Oahu.

Number 1. read customer reviews on Google and Trip Advisor.

Tandem Surf Lessons
Ten year old Pua learning to surf on her birthday.

Number 2. Make sure the State of Hawaii licenses your surf school. When booking the surf lesson, ask to see a copy of your surf school license. All surf schools in Hawaii are required by law to be licensed.

Number 3. Find out what kind of equipment your surf school uses. If you want to make sure you get the best surf lessons on Oahu, you want to make sure your surf school uses the best surf equipment. Surftech boards are state of the art and should always be on hand.

Number 4. How well trained our the surf instructors? Beyond surfboards and legal requirements, an essential requirement in getting the best surf lessons on Oahu is how well prepared are your surf instructors. The best surf schools will have a training program that includes a land lesson, how to paddle, water safety, controlling the surfboard, how to pop up, and paddling back out to the surf zone.

Number 5. What is the student to surf instructor ratio? A crucial consideration when looking for the best surf lessons on Oahu. A private surf lesson is always best, one surf instructor with one student. The next best surf lesson is a semi-private, which is two surf students with one surf instructor. Some surf schools offer family private or group private surf lessons with only the members of your party in the surf lesson. This type of class should have at a minimum of three surf students to one surf instructor.