Many of our surf lesson students ask the North Shore Surf Girls how to buy their first surfboard. Our advice is to rent or borrow surf boards until you find one that is the right size. For example we start you out on your first surfing lesson in Hawaii on a 12 foot surf board, because it’s easy to balance and safer, However, as you progress you will move onto an 11 foot surf board and then down to a 10 ft surfboard. Most people eventually settle on a surfboard that is less then 8 feet long. The problem is that if you purchase a surfboard that is too small for your level you will not be able to catch waves with it and may give up surfing and at the very least have to buy a bigger board while your skills improve. So take our advice and rent boards until you get to a size you like and can carry on top of your car as well. Oh, and the main difference between a short and long board….short boards turn sharper and long boards are easier to catch waves with.