So you pulled the trigger and decided to spend some time on the North Shore during the Month of December.  What can you expect?  If you arrive before the 20th of December you will get to watch the Pipe Masters, which runs from the 8th to the 20th surf permitting.  The men’s world champion of surfing will be decided at this event and it’s truly one of the greatest shows on the earth.  You can expect the surf to be breaking everyday, with excellent conditions for learning to surf.  You can also expect to see pro surfer’s virtually everywhere you go.  Right now there are over 200 professional surfers in the world and they are all on the North Shore for the end of the world tour.  Pro surfers are super nice to fans, you can take pictures with them at the beach and get autographs signed as well.  However, since the North Shore is also the coolest place in the world, being filled with surfers, it’s not cool to approach them in the super market, especially Food Land.  Besides, great surfing and pro surfer sitings, one can expect to find it hard to find places to stay on the North Shore and traffic on the week ends.