Keala Kennelly was named the 2013 Girls Billabong Performance Champion last night in California.  She won $5,000 which is pretty good unless you figure that the mens champion won $50,000.  Must be that 10 times more men wear Billabong clothing, one hopes in any case.  Bellow is a summary of the rules for the contest….

The Billabong XXL Ride of the Year Award will be won by the individual surfer who — based on review of available video images by a panel of experts — demonstrates the most advanced and committed level of big wave surfing performance during a single successful ride during the annual event period. Judging criteria is purely SUBJECTIVE and will be calculated from the votes of a large panel of surfers, photographers and surf magazine editors and writers. The first prize will be awarded in the amount of $50,000. Second prize will be awarded in the amount of $5,000. The XXL Ride of the Year finalists finishing third through fifth will receive $1,500 each. The videographer who captures the definitive video clip of the winning ride will be awarded $5,000.