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North Shore surf fashion or what to wear on the North Shore of Oahu can best be summed up as causal.  You have to basic options: caus it up or caus it down.  Items to bring with you include, sarongs, bikini’s (you will live in them), Havaiana slippers, (multiple colors if you can) sundress, jeans, sea shell jewelry and tops that show off your well tanned shoulders…Why so causal on the North Shore? Because Haleiwa Joe’s is the fanciest place you will likely go to.  Not to play down Haleiwa Joe’s it’s a delicious steak and sea food restaurant filled with surfing lore.  The North Shore however is the center of the sun, sand and surf lifestyle.  Slippers are always the correct shoe to wear 99% of the time.  Since you will be getting in and out of the water multiple times in a day a bikini (board shorts for the guys) is the only practical thing to  wear. Wrapping a sarong around you after swimming in the ocean gives you the ultimate flexibility to cover yourself in the most flattering way.  So caus it up or caus it down just don’t wear too much and you will enjoy being a fashionista on the North Shore of Oahu.