Today I get My Surfer’s Eye or a Pterygium Removal.  After 3o years of blood shoot eyes from too much sun exposure I ‘m finally getting one of my baby blues fixed.  After all this time the pterygium final started to enter the cornea of my eye and is causing my vision to blur.  I’ve always known I would have to have this procedure done; the idea is to wait as long as possible.  One thing I did start doing years ago was not to surf in the middle of the day. My thinking was I could use sunscreen to protect my skin buy no way could I keep a pair of sunglasses on surfing Pipeline.  While it did not stop the pterygium from growing, hopefully, it prevented more dangerous things from developing.  Another benefit of waiting so long is that surgery techniques have improved.  For starters glue is now used instead of stitches.  Also, a skin graph is used on the first go-around rather then  waiting to see if the pterygium will grow back.  Pre instructions for the surgery include no eating or drinking anything for 12 hours prior and no high heel shoes to be worn to the hospital!  I’m a little nervous but super looking forward to getting my vision back so that I can see those outside sets. It’s now two days later, and my vision is much improved.  Still a little blurry but not nearly as bad.  My eye is sore, that’s for sure. The procedure its self was easy.  I just s bright colors and remember being told to look to the right and to look down.  Dr. Tyrie Jenkins is super awesome , and her team treated me wonderfully.  Before I knew it I was coming out of the anesthesia and in recovery.  The only hiccup was the time between the anesthetic wearing off and picking up the prescription pain meds. I can readily attest that freshly scrapped eyeballs hurt a lot!  Yesterday I rested and put in my eye drops and even felt good enough to show up to vote at the North Shore Neighborhood Board meeting regarding the proposed Dillingham Ranch development.