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1211, 2017

How to Stand Up Paddle Board

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How to Stand Up Paddle Board

1. Start on calm flat water –  learning to surf waves with SUP will come after you’ve mastered the flats.
2. Begin on your knees and practice turning and controlling the board with your paddle.
3. To stand up get on your hands and knees holding the paddle on the board with your hands with your knees just behind the middle point of the board. Keeping your hands and the paddle on the board slowly place your feet where your knees are then looking forward slowly lift the paddle off the board with your knees bent at a 45 degree angle.
4. Paddle the board forward with conviction.

3110, 2017

How to Catch a Wave

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Catching a wave is one of the most thrilling things you can do on the water.  Perfecting the art of catching a wave by yourself takes time.  Getting a surf lesson from a good instructor can help shorten the learning curve.  Read the How to Catch a Wave article that I was interviewed for in the New York Times Magazine below.

1805, 2017

Sunscreens that are Safe for Reefs

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Sunscreens that are Safe for Reefs
The short answer is to make sure that your sunscreen DOESN”T contain oxybenzone, butylparaben, octinoxate and 4-methylbenzylidine camphor.  Personally I like products with zinc in them and have found the very best sunscreen is covering up.

1907, 2015

How to Paddle a Surf Board Correctly

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Paddling a surf board correctly is one of the most fundamental aspects of learning to surf.  Your surf instructor can push you into waves for days and even tow you back out,  giving you an excellent surfing experience, leaning to paddle the board yourself is key to becoming a real surfer.  There are two paddling strokes, the butterfly and the crawl, both are swimming terms used to help a surfing student visualize how to paddle a surf board.  The trick is to get the surf board gliding on the water by not creating drag at the end of the stroke or paddle.  This is achieved by taking the arm fully out of the water as you move it as far towards the front of the surf board for your next stroke.

803, 2015

What Makes for a Really Good Day Learning To Surf?

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First you must choose the correct location for the weather and surf conditions that day. On the North Shore of Oahu you mostly want to avoid fronts arriving and Westerly winds. If your in doubt on the weather please call us at 808-637-2977 before 9:00am on the day of your surfing lesson and we can help you reschedule your lesson if necessary.

603, 2015

How to Buy Your First Surf Board

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After a students first surfing lesson, I’m frequently asked where can I buy a surfboard. My advice DO NOT buy a surfboard until you’ve rented one of similar size, shape and thickness and ridden it successfully. I can’t tell you how many beginner surfer students I’ve meet who sent to a surf shop and got sold a high proformance surfboard ment for an advanced surfer.  The problem is that once you ride a board you can’t return it.  If you have to buy a surfboard right away go to Costco and buy the Storm.

2201, 2015

Sun protection in the 21 Century While Surfing or learning to Surf

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There are three key ways to protect your skin from the sun while surfing or even learning to surf. The first way is to surf in the early morning or late afternoon. The second way is to cover your skin up with lycra clothing. The third way is to reapply sunscreen to exposed areas every 15 minutes….That’s it. Enjoy your day in the sun everyone!

1101, 2015

What Does It Feel Like to Surf?

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There’s a well know saying in the surfing world,  “Only a Surfer Know’s the Feeling”.   I do know how it feels to get back into the surf after a hiatus of a week or two.  It’s heavenly…..the ocean is so pure in her heart and actions. She will do what she will do and some of us mere humans get to know her and even be friends with her…..the ocean is always a place I can go to seek refuge from the manusha of life on the land.  Paying bills, organizing, scheduling, even cleaning all are not possible in the ocean, especially while surfing.  It’s a kind of meditative place where one can must and only focus on the moment.  Surfing also brings a  feeling of peace, health,  happiness and especially freedom.

2412, 2014

The Ultimate Cheat Sheet On North Shore Beaches

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The Ultimate Cheat Sheet On North Shore Beaches, or what beaches are best for having fun surfing in the sun.
In the Winter months the North Shore surf can be large and dangerous, so it’s critical if your not a surfing expert to have a North Shore Surf Girl instructor show you the ropes if you want to learn to surf. Other then learning to surf with a certified surfing instructor, it’s best not to get in the water on the North Shore when the surf is big, if you must go to a life guarded beach on the North Shore and talk to the lifeguard BEFORE you attempt to go in the water. In the Summer most of the beaches are very safe as the water is rather calm, with the exception of a few exposed reefs…Waimea Bay is a favorite of both locals and visitors, it has lifeguards and a comfort station.

1502, 2013

How to Buy Your First Surf Board.

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Many of our surf lesson students ask the North Shore Surf Girls how to buy their first surfboard. Our advice is to rent or borrow surf boards until you find one that is the right size. For example we start you out on your first surfing lesson in Hawaii on a 12 foot surf board, because it’s easy to balance and safer, However, as you progress you will move onto an 11 foot surf board and then down to a 10 ft surfboard. Most people eventually settle on a surfboard that is less then 8 feet long. The problem is that if you purchase a surfboard that is too small for your level you will not be able to catch waves with it and may give up surfing and at the very least have to buy a bigger board while your skills improve. So take our advice and rent boards until you get to a size you like and can carry on top of your car as well. Oh, and the main difference between a short and long board….short boards turn sharper and long boards are easier to catch waves with.