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2407, 2012

Surfer Girl Hair and Skin Care is Simple and Effective with Coconut Oil

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Surfers in Hawaii  have used coconut oil for centuries to care for their hair and skin, I only started about 4 months ago. As with most amazing discoveries in my life it came from my mother. First in an effort to rehabilitate my hair from over bleaching both inside the hair parlor and outside in the sun teaching surfing lessons all day long.  One day I googled ” how to grow your hair” and it said to treat it really well, so  I started braiding it and coating it with coconut oil each day before going to teach surfing lessons on the North Shore of Oahu. The results…Amazing my hair is growing super fast, I think because the ends are not splitting. Next my mother suggested that I start using it instead of soap…this may seem a little gross, but coconut oil has amazing antimicrobial properties so why not? The results after only a week my skin is much smoother and way less dry…,I will never go back to soap…It’s like the coconut oil is nourishing my skin. I guess Mom still knows best.

2402, 2011

Surfing Lessons – The Mental Part

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When talking a surfing lesson many surf students are worried they won’t be able to to stand up.  Here at the North Shore Surf Girls Surf School we know that if you can walk to the water you can walk on water so to speak.  The secret to being successful is all in your head – which is where we come in.  Our surf lessons not only include instructions on how to stand up and control the board but also what to think of while your doing it.  First and foremost we want you to focus on feeling and being balanced.  It’s not so important how fast you get up on your surfboard, but rather that you do it with balance.  Take your time focus your gaze on the shore line ( look up) and you will find your self walking on water or rather surfing a wave in Hawaii for the first time!

1102, 2011

How to prepare for a surfing lesson in Hawaii

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How do you prepare for a surfing lesson?  Surfing requires a lot of paddling so you should strengthen your arms.  Lifting light weights and or doing push ups help the most.  Having strong stomach muscles will also help a lot with your surfing.  Sit ups and crunches are best.  For balance yoga is also one of the best things you can do to prepare for a surfing lesson. Other then working on your fitness and balance you can also watch the video below of a surfing lesson to see how it all gets put together.

405, 2010

Surfer Girl Hair Care

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Surfer Girls especially those who teach surfing lessons every day in Hawaii, have special challenges when it comes to having nice hair.  While the sun does it’s job and bleaches it blond it also dries it out beyond belief!  On top of that the salt water and pull from the waves create added stress that would cause a super model to throw a cell phone at anyone.  So what’s a surfer girl to do?  After 20 plus years of surfing and teaching surfing and always looking like I had just stepped out of the ocean I decided to consult an expert – Emilia Perry. She’s a true North Shore Surfer Girl, Pipe charger on both a surfboard and bodyboard, a model and hair dresser at Salon Atlantis in the Haleiwa Market place – this is what she suggested.

1. Put coconut oil in your just before getting in to the surf -this is actually an ancient Hawaiian custom.

2. Wash with super good conditioner – I use a product made my Goldwell, it’s expensive but worth it.

3. Braid your hair before going in to the water.

4.  See a professional at least once every 3 months for a trim,

If you follow this advice […]

212, 2009

How to prepare for a Surfing Lesson in Hawaii

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The North Shore Surf Girls Surf School wants to share with you some basic tips for getting ready for your first surf lesson:

1. Place a strip of tape on the floor and practice jumping up from a laying down position so that both your feet land sideways on the strip. Don’t worry which foot comes in front – you will learn if you are a goofy foot (leading with your right foot) or a regular foot (leading with your left foot.

2. Lift weights to strengthen your arms and do sit ups to improve your core strength. This will help with paddling the surfboard during your surfing lesson.

3. Apply sunscreen at least 20 minutes before going in the water for your surf lesson.

402, 2009

How to be a Real Surfer Girl

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901, 2009

How to be a Jr. Lifeguard on the North Shore of Oahu

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The City and County of Honolulu, Hawaii offers it’s Jr. Program each summer. Classes last a week each and are open to children 13-17 years of age who can swim 500 yards in less then 10 minutes and have had a physical exam within the past 6-months. The North Shore Jr. Lifeguard Program is so successful that the North Shore Lifeguard Association has created created a video to teach even more children and adults basic lifesaving skills. You can watch the teaser below on You Tube or visit Explore TV and watch the whole 2o-minute video . Although, I’m slightly biased, Rick is a friend and I’ve volunteered for the program in the past, this video is amazing. My 7-year old nephew has watched the video at least 6 times and now knows what a first responder is and most impressively to call 911 when someone is in trouble or unresponsive.

Directed, by Rick Williams, Produced the North Shore Lifeguard Association and Made Possible by a Grant from the Annenberg Foundation

Watch the whole version on Explore TV