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Surfers in Hawaii  have used coconut oil for centuries to care for their hair and skin, I only started about 4 months ago. As with most amazing discoveries in my life it came from my mother. First in an effort to rehabilitate my hair from over bleaching both inside the hair parlor and outside in the sun teaching surfing lessons all day long.  One day I googled ” how to grow your hair” and it said to treat it really well, so  I started braiding it and coating it with coconut oil each day before going to teach surfing lessons on the North Shore of Oahu. The results…Amazing my hair is growing super fast, I think because the ends are not splitting. Next my mother suggested that I start using it instead of soap…this may seem a little gross, but coconut oil has amazing antimicrobial properties so why not? The results after only a week my skin is much smoother and way less dry…,I will never go back to soap…It’s like the coconut oil is nourishing my skin. I guess Mom still knows best.