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702, 2018

Will the World Surf League really pull out of Hawaii?

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Will the World Surf League, WSL really pull out of Hawaii?  Recent news stories in the Honolulu Advertiser indicate a showdown between the WSL and the City Parks Department.  The fight is over a request by the WSL to change the status of two of its event permit applications.  The City in a letter to the WSL  states that it would be unfair to the rest of the surf contest applicants to do this because all of the allocated time slots are in contention.   Background; the City Parks department rules allow for a limited number of events on the North Shore.  These rules are generally supported by both the North Shore and surfing community because they cap the number of time beaches and surf spots are taken away from free surfers.  With all of that said there is an exception in the rules that allows the Parks Director to do whatever he/she wishes.  For example there is a rule that states that no two surfing events can run in same permit period, however, the Eddie Akau event has an annual holding period that runs through multiple other events.  This works because the Eddie needs 20 ft or large waves to run while […]

702, 2018

Surfing in Hawaii is the Best way to Participate in the Culture

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Surfing in Hawaii is practicing an ancient Hawaiian sport that is indigenous to Hawaii.  For thousands of years Hawaiian people have enjoyed surfing waves in warm, crystal clear water.   If you plan on visiting Hawaii learning to surf is one of the top things to do.   You can go to a hula show and enjoy watching the culture or you can surf or take a surfing lesson and actually participate in Hawaii’s culture.  The choice is up to you.

502, 2018

Best Surf Lessons Oahu are on the North Shore

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The North Shore of Oahu offers the best surf lessons Oahu
It’s simple, the North Shore of Oahu has the best surfing waves and the best beaches on Oahu.  If you want to learn to surf you will find a great selection of surf schools with expert instructors on the North Shore.

302, 2018

If the Oceans Die will we run out of Oxygen?

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If the Oceans Die will we run out of Oxygen?  Some say yes.  The world’s oceans are also know as the lungs of our planet.  As much as 70% of the world’s oxygen comes from tiny plants called phytoplankton.  Sadly since the  1950 there has been a 40% decline in their numbers.  Besides supplying most of the oxygen we humans breath phytoplankton also provides food for most of the ocean’s creatures.  So while I can’t answer the question definitely, if there is even a remote chance that if the world’s ocean’s die we lose 70% of the oxygen we breath is it worth taking the chance?