2705, 2011

Can the North Shore of Oahu Add More Surfing Beaches to its Shoreline?

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Human intervention in the shore line erosion in process in Hawaii is one of the tragedies of modern times.    When shore lines are made hard, as in seawalls,  sand disappears, near shore waves change and entering the water becomes more dangerous.  None the less an island’s job is to erode, it’s just the natural course of things.  If allowed to occur in a natural way (with out seawalls)  sand forms and their is a gentle slop towards the waters edge.  Sand is like a membrane between the earth and the ocean.  Although not all shores have sandy beaches the ones that do are treasured by surfers and all likes of beach goers.  This is because sand is soft and wonderful to walk on, sunbath on and generally enjoy.  Sand is also for the most part a very safe place to walk bare foot or to play in wearing only a swim suite.  The challenge in Hawaii is that people like to build homes, hotels and other structures near the shore line which as the Hawaiian islands erode often come in contact with sandy beaches and eventually and especially in the case of locations with high surf, like the North Shore […]

312, 2010

North Shore Surf Scene Secrets

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Surfs been super small….especially compared with the 10 plus 20ft swells the North Shore surf community enjoyed last Winter….No problem for the North Shore Surf Girls, we can teach surfing on small or big days because we know all the secret spots on the North Shore….Speaking of secrets there’s been some talk on the blogs about how the surfing world protects each other….this is very true…sometimes, well actually often me and my girlfriends laugh so hard at the reality of what’s “really going on” on the North Shore that is.  Mostly it’s just funny, funny stuff and some pretty classic moments too! For me the longer I live this life of surfing everyday the more I feel an obligation to try to make the world and our community a better place….Because I’ve found if you take the time to look under the water out here you will find a lot of Aloha.

2609, 2010

What Does Keep the Country, Country Mean?Really

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When you come to the island of Oahu and drive on the roads you will see green bumper stickers on people’s cars that say “Keep the Country, Country!” What does Keep the Country, Country really mean? Is it a patriotic statement to support the United States?  No, what it means in short is Keep the North Shore of Oahu green and protected from a proliferation of hotels and cement.  The North Shore is the recreational back yard for all of the residents of Oahu.  Every week end our beach parks, particularly in Haleiwa are filled with local families from around the island. The North Shore is also the surfing capital of the world.  Each Winter thousands of surfers travel here to test themselves in the Mecca of surfing.  Virtually all of these surfers love the aina (land) and for them Keeping the Country, Country means no more hotels and no more of  paving over paradise! So now when you come to the North Shore to learn to surf you know what all those green stickers really mean.

2903, 2010

North Shore Sunrise Shells in the Surf

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Glistening in the sun covering the shores, sunrise shells are becoming more available and rare at the same time.  Sunrise shell jewelry is a must for any real surfer girl.  The colors are so vibrant and show off a tan perfectly.  But what’s the story behind these supposedly rare and valued shells. Sunrise shells are in the scallop family (Langford’s Scallop).  They were very sacred to the ancient Hawaiians. The story goes: “Servants of the kings would walk the beaches and look for Sunrise Shells, but only the Royal Family could wear these magnificent shells.  Some say they received the name “sunrise” because early in the morning (at sunrise) the Sunrise shell would be the easiest shells to spot on the beach. The sun would reflect its rays of the vibrant colors of these beautiful scallop shells.  Others says they received their name of Sunrise shells because if you did not get to the beach before or at sunrise, then someone else would have already found them.  

It is said that only “blessed” people find these rare Hawaiian shells.  They also make an excellent gift to that special surfer girl in your life.  Ask us about them after your surfing lesson.

1010, 2009

Will Women Surfers Ever Achieve Equality?

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Normally, I try to refrain from commenting on “political” issues relating to surfing, but upon learning that officials in the State of Hawaii have denied the permit for the only and 21st annual women’s contest at Pipeline and upon reading a recent press release detailing the reorganization of the official World Surfing Tour from the Association of Surfing Professionals, ASP I had to comment.

What particularly caught my attention in the ASP press release was the increase in prize money for the men from $3.4 million to $4 million and for the women from US$630,000 to a “generous” $800,000 and the addition of a women’s representative to the governing board. The irony is that the men’s prize money increase is almost as much as the prize purse for women’s entire tour and yet we all know in our hearts that the women’s surfing clothing industry is huge, huge, huge, and that companies like Roxy sells more clothing then Quicksilver.  Why is there such a huge disparity in surfing prize purses?  That goes back to the lack of even a single women on the ASP board of directors until now. However, with one vote on a board of 7 people […]

801, 2009

Where I Live There Are Rainbows

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