North Shore Sunrise Shells in the Surf

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Glistening in the sun covering the shores, sunrise shells are becoming more available and rare at the same time.  Sunrise shell jewelry is a must for any real surfer girl.  The colors are so vibrant and show off a tan perfectly.  But what’s the story behind these supposedly rare and valued shells. Sunrise shells are in the scallop family (Langford’s Scallop).  They were very sacred to the ancient Hawaiians. The story goes: “Servants of the kings would walk the beaches and look for Sunrise Shells, but only the Royal Family could wear these magnificent shells.  Some say they received the name “sunrise” because early in the morning (at sunrise) the Sunrise shell would be the easiest shells to spot on the beach. The sun would reflect its rays of the vibrant colors of these beautiful scallop shells.  Others says they received their name of Sunrise shells because if you did not get to the beach before or at sunrise, then someone else would have already found them.  

It is said that only “blessed” people find these rare Hawaiian shells.  They also make an excellent gift to that special surfer girl in your life.  Ask us about them after your surfing lesson.