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3105, 2022

When Learning How to Surf Quality Instruction is Important

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A good land lesson when learning how to surf will include the following steps. How to be safe in the water How to be safe in the water it’s important to understand that the water is fluid. Well, this may seem an obvious point the fluid nature of the water means that things are changing all the time in the surf. One has to learn to have “situational awareness in the ocean when learning how to surf. Always watch the waves and the surf zone. Be ready at any time to jump off your board and duck underwater to avoid a wave or another surfer. Never pedal directly below another surfer and never sit directly in front of another surfer. This is what we call the lineup. Surfers will sit in a row next to each other so that they do not get washed on top of each other when a bigger wave rolls in. There are many other little safety hacks that we will go into greater detail with you on the beach. How to pop up on a surfboard!The first mistake most beginning surfer students make is to try to stand up before they actually catch the […]

2106, 2018

Surf School

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Surf School
Looking for a surf school in Hawaii?  Then check out the North Shore Surf Girls.  We teach surfing lessons daily on the North Shore of Oahu at our surf school.  North Shore Surf Girls surf school located at Chun’s Reef in the summer months and Puaena Point during the winter surf season.  Our surf school focus on teaching how to surf by starting you off with the basics of controlling your surfboard on the beach.  We show you surfboard paddle technique during your surfing lesson.  When we first paddle our with you in the water we give you a paddle clinic to make sure that you are paddling your board correctly during the whole surf lesson.  The North Shore Surf Girls also teaches you how to balance successfully on your board while paddling out to catch a wave.  Beginning surfers usually really appreciate our surf school’s approach to showing you the very basics in a way that is easy to understand and replicate.

Surf Lesson Fun!
One of the things you should always check when choosing a surfing school include if they are licensed by both the State of Hawaii and the City and County of Honolulu.  By being licensed you […]

1202, 2013

Which is the Best Surf School on the North Shore of Oahu?

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From time to time a potential surf student asks the North Shore Surf Girls Surf School what backs us better then other surf schools on the North Shore of Oahu? My response is that we don’t know, because we have never taken a surfing lesson from one of the other surf schools on the North Shore. We can tell them that with our surf school we focus on the individual needs of our surf students. For example some people are more athletic then others and may learn to surf very quickly, other people need more hands on surfing instruction. Young children also need to have more attention to keep them safe while learning to surf. One question to ask when deciding which surf school to learn from is “are they licensed and do they have insurance?”. Only a few surf schools on the North Shore are actually licensed and insured. Happy surfing!

1411, 2012

Why the Surf is bigger on the North Shore then in Waikiki

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Actually the surf is mostly bigger on the North Shore of Oahu then in Waikiki mostly  in the winter months.  More specifically when the winter is in the Northern hemisphere.  During this time there is a lot of storm activity in the North Pacific which turns up the ocean and sends swells across the pacific.  Some of those swells reach the North Shore of Oahu and create waves. Fortunately for our surf school and our surf students there is a protected cove near Haleiwa town on the North Shore where the waves are always small and safe.