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209, 2020

Red Bull Queen of the Bay 2020 Announces Event Cancellation

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Red Bull Queen of the Bay big wave contest planned for October is canceled with an interim virtual big-wave video contest in development for the winter.

Haleiwa, HI – (September 1, 2020) – Red Bull and Banzai Productions made the decision today to cancel the 2020 Red Bull Queen of the Bay big-wave contest in following current state and local event guidelines. The first-ever women-only big-wave competition to take place in Hawaii’s historic Waimea Bay was scheduled to begin its contest waiting period on October 1, 2020.

Waimea Big Wave Rider Raquel Heckart drops in on a big one on the North Shore of Oahu

Now, Red Bull looks forward to 2021 to bring the esteemed event back to Hawaii and, in the interim, producing a Hawaii-focused big-wave video contest this winter in the spirit of providing opportunity.

“We’ve been closely monitoring health updates globally and–while we had hoped to be able to bring Red Bull Queen of The Bay to life this year, 2020 had other plans for us,” Betty Depolito, contest director, said about the cancellation. “We’re excited to have the opportunity to bring the original vision of Red Bull Queen of The Bay–giving the top women’s big-wave surfers a […]

2302, 2010

North Shore's Best Surfing Beaches

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The best place to surf on the North Shore depends upon what kind of surfer you are. For beginner surfers Puaena Point and Freddie Land are the best places to go. If your an intermediate surfer any place up to 6 ft, except Pipeline and Rocky Rights. After the surf gets over 6 ft., every surf spot is for experts only, especially Pipeline, Sunset, Haleiwa, Waimea Bay and all outside reefs. The good news is that if your wanting to learn how to surf we teach our surfing lessons in a protected cove, so even when the surf is huge on the outside we have small and safe 1-2 ft., waves to teach you to surf on.

1112, 2009

Biggest Surf in 10 years on the North Shore, Oahu Hawaii

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It’s been a long, long time since I’ve seen surf like this past week on the North Shore. The last time in 1998 it was too big for the Eddie Aikau, this time it was just right – “a solid 35 ft.” to quote Sol Aikau. BTW – Waimea Bay at this size is not a good time to learn to surf.  In the days leading up to this giant swell all of Hawaii was on high alert – predictions of a double swell as big as the one that devastated the North Shore community in 1969 had everyone nervous and excited.  So early Monday morning I awoke and checked to see how the boats where handling the swell in Haleiwa Harbor.  Fortunately they where not rocking too hard and no waves had rolled over Kamehameha Hwy. fronting Surf and Sea.  All’s well so far, so I loaded Mom and Michele one of my North Shore Surf Girls and we drove on a recon mission up to Sunset Beach to pick up Jenn Marr ( a famous unknown) to give her a ride back to Honolulu, she was supposed to help Squidy cook for the Eddie but it was […]

710, 2009

Learning to Surf in Hawaii on the North Shore of Oahu

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Anyone can learn to Surf in Hawaii on the North Shore of Oahu, even though the Hawaii tourist board likes to promote Waikiki as the best place to learn to surf, this is only because of all the hotels and expensive shops in Honolulu. The sad truth is that the beaches in Waikiki are fake, that’s right some of the sand was even mined from the North Shore’s famous Waimea Bay. The North Shore of Oahu on the other hand boast miles and miles of natural white sand beaches and has been official designated by the State of Hawaii Government as the Surfing Capitol of the World. The North Shore Surf Girls can teach you to surf even when the surf is big because we take you to a protected cove just outside of the Historic Haleiwa Town. You will lean to surf in gental rolling waves with protected green sea turtles swimming around you.

The views are amazing too. Kaiena Point, not a good place to learn to surf by the way, is visible from both the surfing lineup and the shore line. Mt. Kahala the tallest point on Oahu is also visible while you learn to […]

1602, 2009

All about Waimea Bay and Valley on the North Shore of Oahu

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Waimea Bay and Waimea Valley is one of my most favorite places in the world!`Located in the Moku of Waialua, it is the only complete Ahupua’a on the island of Oahu that is preserved. An ahupua’a is the name Hawaiians use to describe a track of land, but it’s much more then that, it also represents a style of land management that follows the flow of the water from the mountains to the sea.

Waimea Bay’s beautiful white sand beach is one of the largest and deepest beaches in the Hawaiian Islands and a great place to swim and snorkel in the Summer months. It is also a Marine Life Conservation District. On the West end of the bay the famous Jump Rock which you can jump off of if your brave! There is also a hole at the base that you can swim through.

In the Winter months when the surf is up Waimea Bay features one of the most dangerous and deadly rip currents in the world. So much so that Jump Rock name is changed to Death Rock ! If you must go in the water during […]