1006, 2018

Beginner Surf Lessons on Oahu

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Beginner Surf Lessons on Oahu
North Shore Surf Girl’s teaches beginner surf lesson on Oahu.  We are based on the North Shore.  We offer surf lessons daily at 9:00 am, 12:00 pm,  and 3:00 pm to adults, children and both men and women.  We are the highest ranked surfing school on the North Shore on Trip Advisor . We take great pride in providing a safe and nurturing learning to surf experience.  In the summer months, June – August we  teach our beginner surf lessons at Chun’s Reef on the North Shore of Oahu.  In the winter months our surfing lessons are held at Puaena Point about 3 miles away from Chun’s Reef.

Taking a surfing lesson is by far the best way for a first time surfer to more quickly  and safely learn how to surf.  At North Shore Surf Girls we teach you how to control your surf board safely in the waves, how to not get hit by another surfboard and most importantly how to have a fun time learning to surf right from the start.  All of our surf lessons are customized to the individual surfers skills, fitness and age.  For younger children we offer a tandem special […]

906, 2018

Summer Surf Camps 2019 North Shore Oahu

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SURF CAMP Dates: Weekly from June 2 – August 9, 2019
Surf Camp Days: Mon, Tues, Wed, and Thurs
surf Camp Hours: 9-11 AM
Ages: 8 – 17
Cost: $312
ABOUT OUR KIDS SURF CAMPS: Our CPR, AED and lifeguard certified surf instructors will teach surfing to all levels, surf etiquette, ocean safety and awareness.. We offer a minimum 5:1 ratio but give one on one attention where we see fit and depend on the student and parent to express their concerns and expectations. We spend most of our time in the water surfing but spend some time on the beach teaching too, our goal is to encourage all campers to learn water skills and become strong waterman, waterwomen, and lifelong surfers.
WHAT TO BRING: lunch, snacks, bottle water, towel, hat, sunscreen and bathing suite. We provide long sleeve surf shirts and all surfing equipment.
For booking and questions about  our Kids Surf Camps please call North Shore Surf Girls at  808-637-2977

                                                                                  SUMMER SURF CAMPS FOR KIDS


Our summer surf camps for children will give your child more self […]

906, 2018

Paige Alms and Billy Kemper win 2017/2018 Big Wave Surfing Tours

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Paige Alms and Billy Kemper win 2017/2018 Big Wave Surfing Tours!  This blog is likely the only place on the internet where you will read this statement with Paig’s name coming first.  Why is this?  Is it because the men’s tour had more events?    Is it because the men’s tour had bigger prize money?  Is it because the men’s tour had more money?  Or is it because there is a strong male bias in surfing almost to the commercial detriment of the sport?  To be fair most sports have a male bias, with the exception of Olympic Sports, even surfing which is included in the 2020 Games to be held in Japan will feature 20 female and 20 male surfers.  Taking away the

2402, 2018

The Brazilian Bikini on the North Shore of Oahu

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The Brazilian Bikini on the North Shore of Oahu

The North Shore’s surf spots such as Chun’s and Puaena are known to frequently have young ladies in tiny Brazilian Bikinis floating around.  Why is this happening especially when some call the North Shore the Bible Belt of the island?  This is a nod the many Christian based churches based here.  The classic old school local girl used to wear board shorts and a -T-shirt at the beach as a way of being modest.  So what happened?  The answer is that in the 80’s a flock of Brazilian Bodyboarders arrived not only wearing tiny bikinis but selling them to all the local surfer girls.  Some even opened bikini shops, married locals and changed the culture for better or worse.  For the record the policy at North Shore Surf Girls surf school is for all our instructors to wear leggings, not only for modesty but to protect our skin from the suns harmful rays while teaching surfing lessons.


1702, 2018

The North Shore is the Best Place for Beginner Surf Lessons on Oahu

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The North Shore is the Best Place for Beginner Surf Lessons on Oahu because  we have uncrowded  beaches and excellent surf instructors.

1702, 2018

World Surf League is Giving up on Hawaii for 2019-2020 Surf Season

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World Surf League is Giving up on Hawaii for 2019-2020 Surf Season
The World Surf League claimed/confirmed that it will not be running the Pipe Masters on the North Shore of Oahu in 2019.  This is because the City would not agree to let the World Surf League move the Billabong Pipe Masters from being the last event on the World Championship Surfing Tour to being the first event.  Many believe that as the birthplace of both  surfing and pro surfing that Hawaii should always have the honor of being the last stop on the world tour, the World Surf League believes otherwise.  However it’s been difficult to find out where they want to move the final event too.  It’s hard for me to believe that the World Surf League is giving up on Hawaii.

Below is what is being called a “preliminary” schedule for 20018-2019.  My sources are telling me that it’s far from over with multiple parties filing contested case hearings with the City over the matter.  More as I get it.

HIC PRO – Sunset Beach – Oct. 27 – Nov. 9, 2018
HAWAIIAN PRO – Haleiwa – Nov. 12-24, 2018

1302, 2018

Today I get My Surfer’s Eye or a Pterygium Removal

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Today I get My Surfer’s Eye or a Pterygium Removal.  After 3o years of blood shoot eyes from too much sun exposure I ‘m finally getting one of my baby blues fixed.  After all this time the pterygium final started to enter the cornea of my eye and is causing my vision to blur.  I’ve always know I would have to have this procedure done, the idea is to wait as long as possible.  One thing I did start doing years ago was to not surf in the middle of the day. My thinking was I could use sunscreen to protect my skin buy no way could I keep a pair of sunglasses on surfing Pipeline.  While it did not stop the pterygium from growing, hopefully it prevented more dangerous things from developing.  Another benefit of waiting so long is that surgery techniques have improved.  For starters glue is now used instead of stitches.  Also a skin graph is used on the first go around rather then  waiting to see if the pterygium will grow back.  Pre instructions for the surgery include no eating or drinking anything for 12 hours prior and no high heel shoes to be worn to […]

1002, 2018

Things to do on your Hawaii Vacation

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Planning on a Hawaii vacation and and are wondering what you should do.  First don’t stay in Waikiki, it’s kind of like Las Vegas.  There are lot’s of hotels and cement and little of authentic Hawaii left.  Second plan your activities on week days if you can to avoid locals week end activities.  Third take surfing lesson on the North Shore of Oahu.  The North Shore is the birth place of competitive surfing and features the best surf schools on the island.

902, 2018

Stand up Paddle Boarding is a Must Do on the North Shore of Oahu

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Stand up paddle boarding is a must do when you visit the North Shore of Oahu.  A 45 minute paddle  up the Anahulu River will thrill young and old as you paddle past green sea turtles on smooth water.  If you go in the later afternoon you will see the sun setting on the horizon and fall in love with colors too orange to tell.  Stand up paddle boarding is easy but if your a bit unsure get a lesson.

702, 2018

Will the World Surf League really pull out of Hawaii?

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Will the World Surf League, WSL really pull out of Hawaii?  Recent news stories in the Honolulu Advertiser indicate a showdown between the WSL and the City Parks Department.  The fight is over a request by the WSL to change the status of two of its event permit applications.  The City in a letter to the WSL  states that it would be unfair to the rest of the surf contest applicants to do this because all of the allocated time slots are in contention.   Background; the City Parks department rules allow for a limited number of events on the North Shore.  These rules are generally supported by both the North Shore and surfing community because they cap the number of time beaches and surf spots are taken away from free surfers.  With all of that said there is an exception in the rules that allows the Parks Director to do whatever he/she wishes.  For example there is a rule that states that no two surfing events can run in same permit period, however, the Eddie Akau event has an annual holding period that runs through multiple other events.  This works because the Eddie needs 20 ft or large waves to run while […]