Are you looking for a fun and educational surf day camp for children? Look no further than Hawaii Surf Camp! Our surf camp is perfect for children who want to learn about the ocean and surf. Our camp is designed for children who are ages 10-17, and it offers a variety of activities that will help them develop their surfing skills. From learning to ride a wave to learning ocean awarness and safety, our surf camp is a great way for children to learn about the ocean and surf. With experienced surf instructors on hand to teach children the basics, it’s sure to be a fun and rewarding experience. In addition to the fun, there are many benefits to learning to surf. By learning to surf, you can become more environmentally conscious and learn about the ocean’s many resources. And finally, learning to surf can help you develop your social skills and teamwork skills. So if you’re looking to learn to surf, day camp is the perfect place to start.

HAWAII SURF CAMP 2023 Dates: Weekly from June 2 – August 9, 2023
Surf Camp Days: Mon, Tues, and Thurs, Friday

Surf Camp Hours: 9-11 AM

Ages: 8 – 17

Cost: $312

Hawaii Surf Camp for Children
Hawaii Surf Camp for Children

ABOUT OUR HAWAII SURF CAMPS: Our CPR, AED, and lifeguard certified surf instructors teach surfing to all levels, surf etiquette, ocean safety, and awareness. We offer a minimum 5:1 ratio but give one on one attention where we see fit and depend on the student and parent to express their concerns and expectations. We spend most of our time in the water surfing but spend some time on the beach teaching too; our goal is to encourage all campers to learn water skills and become strong watermen, water women, and lifelong surfers.

WHAT TO BRING: lunch, snacks, bottled water, towel, hat, sunscreen, and bathing suit. We provide long sleeve surf shirts and all surfing equipment.

For booking and questions about  our Kids Surf Camps, please call North Shore Surf Girls at  808-637-2977