Puaena Point on the North Shore of Oahu offers the best waves for learning to surf.  The North Shore Surf Girls teach surfing lessons daily at this location from October to May each year.  While you can find us here, it’s always best to make a reservation ahead of time, either by calling 1-808-637-2977 or by booking a lesson on line

The North Shore Surf Girls love teaching surfing lessons at Puaena Point for many reasons.  It is a protected cove and safe from the big waves the North Shore of Oahu is know for in our winter months.  Puaena Point is a long gentle breaking wave.  The wave at ends in a gentle pool of water and is know for green sea turtle’s swimming all around you while you learn to surf.  Puaena Point is located at the end of Kahalewai Place on the North East end of Haleiwa Regional Beach Park.  Parking is free and there is a public restroom but no showers.  

A little Hawaiian mythology is always a good thing.  Pua means flower and Ena means hot.  The story goes that many years ago a young girl lived at Puaena Point and she was an oracle, or priestess acting as a medium through whom advice or prophecy was sought from the gods in classical antiquity.  The other myth about Puaena Point is that there is a rock near the shoreline that by touching it a person will be healed of what ever ails them.  There are other stories about this location but in the spirit of not wanting to give it all away I will save them for another post.  The most important thing to remember when visiting this sacred and beautiful beach is to help keep it clean and to use reef safe sunscreen.  Mahalo!