The North Shore is the best place to learn to surf on the island of Oahu.  The North Shore has a cove protected from the larger surf and is perfect for beginner surfing lessons.  In the summer months we teach surfing lessons at a beach called Chun’s Reef.  Chun’s Reef is known for its super clear water, sea turtles and gentle breaking waves.  It’s the perfect location to get away  from the summer surf lesson crowds in Waikiki.

Best Oahu Surf Lessons for Beginners
Learn to surf with expert female instructors on the North Shore of Oahu

Looking for the best Oahu surf lessons for beginners?  Well look no further, the North Shore Surf Girls is an all female-owned surfing school located on the North Shore of Oahu. Our expert instructors can teach you and your loved ones to surf in a friendly and supportive environment.  Our focus in teaching you and your family how to surf is to make you feel safe and comfortable in the ocean. Our  best Oahu surf lessons for beginners starts with a land lesson where we teach you the basics of paddling your surfboard, the pop-up and how to be safe in the water.  The next step in our  best Oahu surf lessons for beginners is to take you into the water where our expert surf instructors will give you  mini paddling clinic and then gentle assist you in catching waves.  Also during our  best Oahu surf lessons for beginners we coach you the whole time.    This coaching is the real secret to our success in teaching you to surf.  There are so many easy to do corrections that we employ in our  best Oahu surf lessons for beginners that will help you and your family to succeed.