North Shore Surf Girls Website

In the past in order to get a prime viewing spot to watch a surfing contest on the North Shore one would have to be very connected now with the advent of live web casting it’s all about having a high speed connection. So when the Eddie Aikau was called on Tuesday December 8th, I just tuned into the web-cast – surfing the internet was never like this. Below is a highlights video that you will enjoy. As for me I did not want to miss the action in person, so after taking care of business for the day I jumped on my beach cruzer and peddled from Haleiwa Town to Waimea Bay. When I arrived I stood near the front of the judges scaffolding texting my girls, when I heard someone call my name! It was Michele Judy, she was watching from the third level of the judges scaffolding, thanks to helping Jenn Marr serve food to the judges! She signaled for me to come to the back of the tower and got me into one of the best views in the house!

I got to watch the two last and biggest heats of the day! Stoked!  Still trying to figure out how the judges gave a perfect score to a guy going straight no matter how big the wave.  Mostly though I love the energy and the people at the Bay that day lots of ALOHA for sure!