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2103, 2023

Must Know Surfing Tips!

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Choose the right equipment:

Select a surfboard, leash, and wetsuit suitable for your size and skill level. Ensure a proper fit and comfort. It’s important to note that these length and volume ranges can vary based on factors such as a surfer’s skill level, weight, and wave conditions. Beginning surfers often consult with surf instructors, local shapers or surf shop experts to determine the most appropriate board length for their specific needs.

Learn the basics:

Familiarize yourself with essential techniques such as paddling, popping up, and riding waves. Consider taking beginner’s surf lessons to learn these fundamentals from qualified instructors.

Start in small waves:

Begin your surfing journey in smaller waves appropriate for your skill level. Practice paddling and popping up on the board in the white water before attempting to catch an actual breaking wave. Small waves generally have slower speeds and less power compared to larger waves. This provides a safer environment for beginners to learn and practice surfing without facing the risk of being overwhelmed by strong currents or powerful waves.

Prioritize safety:

Always surf with a buddy and stay within your limits. Be aware of potential hazards like rocks or strong currents. Respect fellow surfers and adhere to beach rules. Additionally, protect […]

1011, 2012

Top 5 Things to do to Prepare for a Surfing Lessons

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Top 5 Things to do to Prepare for a Surfing Lessons

1. Learn to swim or be willing to wear a life-jacket

2. Work on your arm strength

3. Watch a how to video on Youtube

4.Buy a ticket to Hawaii

5.Book a lesson with the North Shore Surf Girls Surf School

2501, 2011

Surfing Lesson Video with the North Shore Surf Girls Teaching Megan to Surf

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The North Shore Girls had the best time teaching Meghan to surf on the North Shore of Oahu.

Film made by Shred Betties

405, 2010

Surfer Girl Hair Care

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Surfer Girls especially those who teach surfing lessons every day in Hawaii, have special challenges when it comes to having nice hair.  While the sun does it’s job and bleaches it blond it also dries it out beyond belief!  On top of that the salt water and pull from the waves create added stress that would cause a super model to throw a cell phone at anyone.  So what’s a surfer girl to do?  After 20 plus years of surfing and teaching surfing and always looking like I had just stepped out of the ocean I decided to consult an expert – Emilia Perry. She’s a true North Shore Surfer Girl, Pipe charger on both a surfboard and bodyboard, a model and hair dresser at Salon Atlantis in the Haleiwa Market place – this is what she suggested.

1. Put coconut oil in your just before getting in to the surf -this is actually an ancient Hawaiian custom.

2. Wash with super good conditioner – I use a product made my Goldwell, it’s expensive but worth it.

3. Braid your hair before going in to the water.

4.  See a professional at least once every 3 months for a trim,

If you follow this advice […]

2002, 2010

Why Teaching Surfing on the North Shore of Oahu is the Best Job in the World!

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There is an old saying;  “the secret to happiness is to find something you love and make it your profession”. Well I love surfing and I love teaching.  When I started the North Shore Surf Girls Surf School, I designed it to match the surfer lifestyle – in other words to fit in with what matters most – being in the water and catching waves.  Some pleasant surprises happened along the way; sharing the joy of surfing with people while helping to make them more in tune with the environment tops the list.  Also adopting the beaches we teach surfing at; who knew that keeping a beach clean could feel so good.  Learning more about our Hawaiian culture and passing it on to my surf students – way neat! Getting much better at bodysurfing – always an item on my bucket list. Working close to home – the best! Love, love this life of teaching people how to surf!

2011, 2009

Hawaii Surfing Lessons with the North Shore Surf Girls

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Eat & Run in Hawaii – North Shore Surf Girls from FrankenMeg on Vimeo.

2609, 2009

What is the Best Time of Day to Take a Surfing Lesson in Hawaii on the North Shore of Oahu?

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1208, 2009

Hawaiian Surfers are the Happiest!

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508, 2009

Summer Surfing on the North Shore is Slipping Away

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1207, 2009

Summer Surfing Lessons on the North Shore

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