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Learning to surf in Waikiki is OK, but to learn to surf on the North Shore of Oahu is about as authentic as it gets.  Below is a list of the pros and cons of each location.

Surfing Lessons in Waikiki

Surfing Lessons on the North Shore of Oahu

  • Over Crowded
  • Water quality is poor
  • Waves – flat in Winter
  • Waves – in Summer super crowded
  • Beaches imported sand dirty crowded
  • Very uncrowded – super friendly
  • Water quality is pristine
  • Waves fun and safe in winter – due to teaching in a safe protective cove
  • Waves in Summer fun, uncrowded 1-2 feet
  • Beaches pristine almost empty
  • I could go on and on about why it’s better to learn to surf on the North Shore over learning to surf in Waikiki, but the bottom line is that if you do choose to stay in Waikiki a day trip to the North Shore is a must do – so why not learn to surf in the Surfing Capitol of the World – the North Shore?