I never really wanted to work anyway. So when I got an email from the state saying that they had suspended my surf school license indefinitely, It felt like a mixed blessing. I should start by saying being a surf instructor never felt like working anyway. I get to go into the ocean every day, still people out by sharing the magic of surfing with them. The only downside is that I wasn’t free surfing enough. Free surfing is when you surf for yourself; for me, it also means not getting paid to surf. Going back to the title of this article, “I never really wanted a job anyway.” And now I when I wake up in the morning, I take my time getting out of bed, Check surf line from my cell phone, call up my best friend, Jenn Marr, To say if she’s up for a morning session. Either way, I still have to decide which bikini I’m going to wear under my sun protection gear. If I’m lucky, my man will make me a fresh cup of coffee; sometimes, I have to make my own or go to the Coffee Gallery. I fill up my Hydro flask water bottles with hot water to rinse off with after my session. Then I’ll head over to Jenn’s to grab her and drive to the other side of the North Shore to our favorite not to be named surf spot. It’s a fast drive to because with COVID – 19; there is no traffic on the North Shore. You can get from one end to the other in 15 minutes. Not having a job is stressful when you look at the long term financial picture, but it is excellent in the short run. It feels like I’m on holiday. Don’t have to answer the cell phone, don’t have to answer any email messages, don’t have to do anything except surf, surf, and more surf.

Surfing during Covid-19 quarantine.
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