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Beginner Surf Lessons on Oahu

Beginner Surf Lessons on Oahu
North Shore Surf Girl’s teaches beginner surf lesson on Oahu.  We are based on the North Shore.  We offer surf lessons daily at 9:00 am, 12:00 pm,  and 3:00 pm to adults, children and both men and women.  We are the highest ranked surfing school on the North Shore on Trip Advisor . We take great pride in providing a safe and nurturing learning to surf experience.  In the summer months, June – August we  teach our beginner surf lessons at Chun’s Reef on the North Shore of Oahu.  In the winter months our surfing lessons are held at Puaena Point about 3 miles away from Chun’s Reef.

Taking a surfing lesson is by far the best way for a first time surfer to more quickly  and safely learn how to surf.  At North Shore Surf Girls we teach you how to control your surf board safely in the waves, how to not get hit by another surfboard and most importantly how to have a fun time learning to surf right from the start.  All of our surf lessons are customized to the individual surfers skills, fitness and age.  For younger children we offer a tandem special […]

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Summer Surf Camps 2019 North Shore Oahu


SURF CAMP Dates: Weekly from June 2 – August 9, 2019
Surf Camp Days: Mon, Tues, Wed, and Thurs
surf Camp Hours: 9-11 AM
Ages: 8 – 17
Cost: $312
ABOUT OUR KIDS SURF CAMPS: Our CPR, AED and lifeguard certified surf instructors will teach surfing to all levels, surf etiquette, ocean safety and awareness.. We offer a minimum 5:1 ratio but give one on one attention where we see fit and depend on the student and parent to express their concerns and expectations. We spend most of our time in the water surfing but spend some time on the beach teaching too, our goal is to encourage all campers to learn water skills and become strong waterman, waterwomen, and lifelong surfers.
WHAT TO BRING: lunch, snacks, bottle water, towel, hat, sunscreen and bathing suite. We provide long sleeve surf shirts and all surfing equipment.
For booking and questions about  our Kids Surf Camps please call North Shore Surf Girls at  808-637-2977

                                                                                  SUMMER SURF CAMPS FOR KIDS


Our summer surf camps for children will give your child more self […]

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How to Save Yourself and the World At the Same Time So that You Can Surf More

How to save yourself and the World At the Same Time So that you can Surf More
I sometimes lay awake at night worrying that I’m personally not doing my part to save the World from the effects of human-made pollution.  I know that plastics are killing the oceans and dangerous chemicals of all types have made their way into our food chain.  For example glyphosate, the active ingredient in the World’s number one herbicide Roundup has been found in mother’s milk.  Going 100% organic seems to be the answer.  Also, nothing packaged, nothing processed, no sugar, no meat and no dairy.  I’ve been eating like this since October 2017.  For the record, I cheat sometimes, but 90% of my diet is as such.  The results are that I feel terrific, my skin is much better, my food cost is only $12.00 a day and I’ve reduced my household trash by 75%.  The hardest part is changing my relationship with food and resetting my pallet.  It takes about a month, but once you get there, it’s not so hard, and in fact, I don’t desire processed food at all.

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Paige Alms and Billy Kemper Win 2017/2018 Big Wave Surfing Tours.

Paige Alms and Billy Kemper win 2017/2018 Big Wave Surfing Tours!  This blog is likely the only place on the internet where you will read this statement with Paige’s name coming first.  Why is this?  Is it because the men’s tour had more events?    Is it because the men’s tour had more significant prize money?  Is it because the men’s tour had more money?  Or is it because there is a strong male bias in surfing almost to the commercial detriment of the sport?  To be fair most sports have a male preference, except for Olympic Sports, even surfing which is included in the 2020 Games to be held in Japan will feature 20 female and 20 male surfers.  Taking away the

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The World’s Coral Reefs are Dissolving

Is it too late to stop the world’s coral reefs from dissolving?
About a year ago, a friend of mine shared with me that her marine biologist boyfriend had discovered that it appeared that reefs near Turtle Bay Resort on the North Shore of Oahu were crumbling and he didn’t know why.  I remember at the time thinking “this can’t be good”.  Fast forward to 5 days ago Scientific America reports on a new study that increasing acidification is causing  the world’s coral reefs to really dissolve.  Reefs in some sites with the highest rates of acidification are dissolving faster then they can be built up.  The prediction is that by the end of the century most coral reefs will be dissolving away.  What this means for surfing is one thing: what it means for all of humanity is unnerving!

Healthy coral reefs provide a home to over one million aquatic species and income in the billions and millions of jobs for people around the world. In addition to food for people living near coral reefs especially on small islands.  Coral reefs also provide a natural barrier protecting coastal cities, communities, and beaches worldwide from high surf and erosion. The potential for treatments […]

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The Brazilian Bikini on the North Shore of Oahu

The Brazilian Bikini on the North Shore of Oahu

The North Shore’s surf spots such as Chun’s and Puaena are known to frequently have young ladies in tiny Brazilian Bikinis floating around.  How is this allowed to happen? Some call the North Shore the Bible Belt of the island?  a nod to the many Christian based churches based here.  The classic old school local girl used to wear board shorts and a -T-shirt at the beach as a way of being modest.  So what happened?  The answer is that in the ’80s a flock of Brazilian Bodyboarders arrived not only wearing tiny bikinis but selling them to all the local surfer girls.  Some even opened bikini shops, married locals and changed the culture for better or worse.  For the record, the policy at North Shore Surf Girls surf school is for all our instructors to wear leggings, not only for modesty but to protect our skin from the sun’s harmful rays while teaching surfing lessons.


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How to Pack for a Day of Surfing on the North Shore of Oahu

How to Pack for a Day Surfing on the North Shore of Oahu. So your planning on a day of surfing on the North Shore and want to be prepared.  To help with this, I’ve created a list below.  Remember that if you don’t have everything on the list Haleiwa Town has at least a half dozen surf shops and a Long’s Drug Store with just about everything you will need for a day of surfing.

Refillable water bottle, I like hydroflasks because they keep your water super cold.
 Reef safe sunscreen
First aid kit in case you cut your feet on the reef
Bathing suite / surf trunks
Rash guard / wetsuit
Surfboard wax
 Two leashes in case one breaks
Sun hat
Cover up for after surfing
Cash to buy lunch

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Threats to North Shore of Oahu’s Green Sea Turtle Population

Threats to North Shore of Oahu’s Green Sea Turtle Population

Every year thousands of visitors come to the North Shore to view sea turtles on our beaches.  Although sea turtles are protected on the North Shore, our sea turtle population is on the decline here and worldwide due to poor fishing practices, marine debris consumption, boat props, destruction of nesting habitat, poaching and fibropapillomas.  It’s scary because green sea turtles have been protected from human hunting since the 1970s.

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The North Shore is the Best Place for Beginner Surf Lessons on Oahu

The North Shore is the Best Place for Beginner Surf Lessons on Oahu because  we have uncrowded  beaches and excellent surf instructors. The reason our beginner surf spots are uncrowded is that the locals all want to surf bigger, steeper waves. It’s kind of a win/win. It should also be noted all of the surf schools on the North Shore leave a particular, and not to be named beach exclusively for the children in our community. It’s a beautiful example of how our community self regulates. The North Shore also has some of the best water women in the world, which with North Shore Surf Girls training, translates into some of the world’s best surf instructors.

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World Surf League is Giving up on Hawaii for 2019-2020 Surf Season

World Surf League is Giving up on Hawaii for 2019-2020 Surf Season
The World Surf League claimed/confirmed that it will not be running the Pipe Masters on the North Shore of Oahu in 2019.  This is because the City would not agree to let the World Surf League move the Billabong Pipe Masters from being the last event on the World Championship Surfing Tour to be the first event.  Many believe that as the birthplace of both  surfing and pro surfing that Hawaii should always have the honor of being the last stop on the world tour, the World Surf League believes otherwise.  However, it’s been difficult to find out where they want to move the final event too.  It’s hard for me to believe that the World Surf League is giving up on Hawaii.

Below is what is being called a “preliminary” schedule for 20018-2019.  My sources are telling me that it’s far from over with multiple parties filing contested case hearings with the City over the matter.  More as I get it.

HIC PRO – Sunset Beach – Oct. 27 – Nov. 9, 2018
HAWAIIAN PRO – Haleiwa – Nov. 12-24, 2018

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